Ministry of Protection Mission Statement

The Office for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults (OPCVA) is committed to fostering healthy relationships within the Diocese of San Jose through awareness and interpersonal safety education for our children, as well as safety training and background screening for all adults who minister or provide services to our children and/or vulnerable adults, in our effort to help maintain a safe environment for all.

To report suspected child or elderly abuse in your parish, school or in the Diocese of San Jose, please follow the instructions on the Diocesan’s “Reporting Abuse” web page for guidance on how to file a formal report with authorities. For all other concerns or inquires, please contact the Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults at 408-983-0113. Please feel free to contact us via email as well at

Safe Environment Training

Employees & Adult Volunteers: Safe Environment Training is mandatory for diocesan clergy, employees and active volunteers working with youth. Training must be renewed every three (3) years by clergy, employees and active volunteers. The VIRTUS® online training course, Protecting God’s Children, provides flexible accessibility and is available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Volunteers and employees who serve in Homebound Ministries, or bringing the Eucharist to the sick, are responsible for taking the Protecting God’s Children & Vulnerable Adults training course which incorporates the Protecting God’s Children (PGC) training material.

High School Student Volunteers (Teen Volunteers Ages 13 – 18): Youth between the ages of 13 up to their 18 birthday, must complete the VIRTUS® Healthy Relationships for Teens online training course for employment of volunteer service eligibility. Training must be renewed every 2 years to maintain eligibility up to 18 years of age. Once the teen reaches 18 years of age, they are required to take the adult training programs in order to continue their service.

Adult Safe Environment Training Courses (English)
Protecting God’s Children | Instructions | Registration Link 
Protecting God’s Children & Vulnerable Adults | Instructions| Registration Link 
Training Website:

Cursos de Entrenamiento para un Ambiente Seguro para Adultos (Español)
Protegiendo a los Ninos de Dios | Instrucciones| Enlace de Registro 
Protegiendo a los Ninos de Dios & Adultos Vulnerables | Instrucciones | Enlace de Registro
Sitio Web de Entrenamiento:

High School Student Volunteer Training Course (Teen Volunteers Ages 13 – 18)
Healthy Relationships for Teens | Instructions | Registration Link 
Training Website:

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Live Safe Environment Training Dates

Adult Safe Environment Online Training Option: Adult training is available, free of cost, as a “Live” presentation (availability listed below) or may be completed via our online program VIRTUS®. To take the Safe Environment training course online, please go to

June 2019

8th, Saturday @ 9:00am at St. Athanasius – SET* for Adult Volunteers (Spanish)

22nd, Saturday @ 10am at Holy Cross Church – SET* for Adult Volunteers (English)

30th, Sunday @ 4:30pm at St. Clare – SET* for Adult Volunteers (Mandarin)

July 2019

20th, Saturday @ 10am at Holy Cross Church – SET* for Adult Volunteers (Spanish)

August 2019

17th, Saturday @ 9:15am at St. Elizabeth Parish – SET* for Adult Volunteers (Vietnamese)

20th, Tuesday @ 6pm at Our Lady of Guadalupe – SET* for Adult Volunteers (English)

31st, Saturday @ 10am at Our Lady of Guadalupe – SET* for Adult Volunteers (Spanish)

September 2019

10th, Tuesday, @ 6pm at St. John the Baptist – SET* for Adult Volunteers (English)

28th, Saturday @ 10am at St. Elizabeth Parish – SET* for Adult Volunteers (English)

December 2019

7th, Saturday @ 10am at St. Elizabeth Church– SET* for Adult Volunteers (Spanish)

*SET = Safe Environment Training for Adult Volunteers

* Please Arrive Early- No late entries

* No Minors Allowed- Please Arrange for Childcare

* Live Safe Environment Trainings are FREE

Letter from Bishop Patrick J. McGrath

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to offer a brief introduction to this revision of our diocesan Safe Environment Policy, which addresses the ways in which we – as Church – proactively work to insure the welfare of children, youth and vulnerable adults.

The safety of all of the children of God is a concern for each of us.  Whether we are lay, religious, clergy, volunteer or employee, we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

In the Diocese of San Jose, we continue our commitment to the Charter of Dallas and to the values and principles put forward by that document.

I am grateful to Anthony Gonzalez and the Office for the Protection for Children and Vulnerable Adults, as well as to Justice Edward Panelli and the Diocesan Review Board for the work they have done on this restated Policy and for all of their efforts on behalf of the most vulnerable among us.

With every best wish and kind regard, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Patrick J. McGrath
Bishop of San Jose

Updated: January 2017

Office Contact Information:

Anthony D. Gonzalez, Director
Direct Phone: 408.983.0113
Fax: 408.983.0203

OPCVA Contact Information

Griselda Cervantez, MSW
Victim Assistance Coordinator
& Prevention Advocate
Direct Phone: 408.983.0225

OPCVA Contact Information

Ly Helgeson
Safe Environment Coordinator
Direct Phone: 408.983.0248