Our 50th Jubilee of the Diocese of San Jose in 2031 happily coincides with the 500th anniversary of Mary’s appearance and message to St. Juan Diego, which set in motion an unimaginable, unforeseen, dynamic evangelization of the Americas where previously response to the Gospel message had been rather limited. Through her presence, message, and intercession, the Gospel message spread deeply and broadly. Bishop Cantú decided to convene a diocesan synod in January 2023 to listen and discern with the faithful how we can renew our Diocese.




Our historic Synod is over, and now the Pastoral Planning Commission takes the “sacred work” of the General Assembly to continue the “sacred work” of Pastoral Planning. A high bar has been set for the next phase, and the Diocese will continue to lean into the Holy Spirit and trust that God is guiding us at every step along the way. Through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, let us ask the Lord to guide us and to accompany us, to give us renewed strength and determination in facing the challenges ahead as we proclaim and live the Gospel.



Pastoral Planning Update: Since February, Bishop, the steering committee and commission have discerned and analyzed the results from January’s Diocesan Synod Assembly. As a result, in order to properly consult and engage key stakeholders in feedback on these key priorities, it would be prudent to defer the announcement of the Pastoral Plan from June to December to allow for the broad discernment and dialogue throughout the process as the Bishop desires.


Synod Assembly Recap: The Diocese of San José is pleased to share an initial recap of the Diocesan Synod General Assembly Weekend. The delegates and the Holy Spirit worked tirelessly throughout the entire weekend. The delegates’ energy, dedication, and preparation far exceeded our expectations and created a sacred experience for all who walked on this journey together. The depth of conversation and respect over the whole course of the weekend was inspiring. The sense of being part of something greater was palpable. Please find a summary of the weekend with photos at 


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