Charitable Planning Guide

Communicating Your Plans With Loved Ones

You may be as hesitant about bringing up your estate plans to your loved ones as they are about asking you to cover this sensitive topic. Do your family, and yourself, a favor by bringing up the subject first. Everyone will be glad you did.

Chart Your Charitable Path

Whether you need to save on taxes, want the flexibility to change your mind, or wish to provide for loved ones and support Diocese of San Jose, we have an option for you.

10 Important Questions to Ask Your Parents

Are you wondering if your parents have their estate and inheritance plans in order? Well, stop wondering and just ask. Here’s help posing the right questions in a sensitive way.

How Does Your Generosity Affect Your Kids?

Research reveals how your loved ones really feel about sharing a piece of their inheritance with a nonprofit.

Don’t Let Your Assets Be Consumed by Taxes

For many of us, 401(k)s, IRAs and retirement plans constitute the bulk of our net worth, aside from our homes. Will these hard-earned dollars provide more comfort for the future of our loved ones?

Should Estate Planning Be Called Life Planning?

Guess what! If you have belongings, you have an estate. And without a plan, your estate could be subject to what the courts decide in case anything happens to you.

Your Will: Overhaul vs. Update

Use our guide to learn when you simply need to update your will and when you need an entirely new will.

A Donation Option With Double the Tax Benefits

Before you reach for your checkbook, don’t overlook the benefits that a donation of stock can present. Even during hard times, you may still have stocks worth more today than when you purchased them, making a gift to Diocese of San Jose a tax-wise choice.