As part of the Mission Co-operative Program (MCP), the Diocese of San Jose welcomes missionaries from different parts of the world each summer.  In their visit to our parishes, they share their mission stories and experiences, and they appeal for prayers and financial assistance for their projects.

Many global and domestic organizations (mission societies, mission dioceses, religious congregations, etc.) seek to participate in our MCP annually.  Regrettably, we are only able to accommodate about 27 mission groups to make their appeals in our local parishes.  Mission organizations that are not selected in our MCP are supported by the universal Catholic Church through the World Mission Sunday collection.

For additional assistance, please contact the DSJ Mission Cooperative at:

Application Process: What to Expect
  1. Applications sent to the Mission Office.
  2. Mission Co-Op Committee reviews all applications.
  3. Vicar General sends formal Selection letters with assigned parishes to mission groups.
  4. Suitability letters for speakers from accepted mission groups are sent to the Mission Office.
  5. Mission communicates with pastors of the assigned parishes.
  6. Mission speakers appeal at assigned parishes (between August-September).