As part of the Mission Co-Op Program, the Diocese of San Jose welcomes missionary groups, dioceses from around the world. Each year, these missionaries visit our parishes to educate the people of our Diocese about the missionary work of the Church, to request the support of prayer and to receive financial assistance for their needs. Every parish of our Diocese is given the opportunity to help in this vital work.

For additional assistance, please contact the DSJ Mission Cooperative at:

Application Process: What to Expect
  1. Applications sent to the Office of Life, Justice, and Peace
  2. Mission Co-Op Committee votes on which applications to accept. A list of total applications and approved applications is created for Bishop’s records.
  3. The Letters of Suitability from accepted Mission is sent for vetting:
    • If clergy – vetted by Vicar for Clergy
    • If lay– vetted by Chancellor
  4. Vicar General signs final approval form stating that the Mission has been accepted.
  5. Vicar General sends acceptance letters to Mission with parish assignment.
  6. Mission communicates with pastor of the Mission’s assigned parish.
  7. Mission speaks at parish (between May – September)