About the Diocese of San José

The Diocese of San José makes its home in a fertile valley surrounded by rolling hills and pine-covered mountains. Known from the 19th century as “the Valley of the Heart’s Delight, ” ours is a history and legacy of abundance—orchards heavy with sweet fruit—apricots, prunes, cherries, and pears.

Today, Santa Clara County is identified as “Silicon Valley” — a world-renowned center of computer technology. Over the years, orchards have given way to industrial parks and crops of “dot-coms” have replaced the fruit. As Northern California’s most populous county, our valley is filled with the opportunity and challenges of economic, cultural and ethnic diversity.

We are a community of 600,000 Catholics, encompassing 54 parishes and missions28 elementary schools and 6 high schools, and 3 college and university campus ministries and several Catholic cemeteries that serve the bay area.

We serve the people of this valley in collaboration and conjunction with scores of Catholic organizations — religious orders, universities, hospitals, social service agencies, and other ministries—dedicated to carrying out Christ’s mission on earth.