Diocesan Priests’ Retirement Appeal

During these unprecedented times, many are hurting and need our assistance, including our elderly priests. As we approach the annual Diocesan Priest Retirement Appeal collection on Good Shepherd Sunday (April 24-25, 2021), we encourage your continued support of this vital appeal which cares for those Catholic Priests who have served for decades in the Diocese of San Jose in their later years.

Throughout the Diocese of San Jose, priests serve as good shepherds to their flocks (the faithful of Santa Clara County). There are 47 retired priests in the Diocese and 99 others currently serving our parishes and other diocesan assignments. In addition, the Diocese has 45 priests reaching retirement age, 70 years old, in the next 15 years and 15 in just the next five years.

While some priests “retire” when they retire, many continue to serve Christ and the faithful through some level of ministry to those throughout our Diocese. For example:

  • Monsignor Michael Mitchell, the former pastor at Saint Lawrence and former Chief Financial Officer and Vicar General for the Diocese, regularly visits school children and assists at Mass.
  • Father Kevin Joyce, the former pastor at Saint Lucy Parish, continues his ministry by assisting with Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish and teaching at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park.

Our retired priests rely on their minimal Social Security since they were paid a very modest wage and the Priest Retirement Plan payments for their living expenses and end-of-life needs. Like the general population, priests are living longer, more active lives, placing a greater demand on retirement resources. COVID-19 has only increased the challenge to provide adequate care.

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