The Office of the Tribunal oversees the integrity of the Church’s mission and sacramental life and protects the rights of all members of the Church. This is accomplished under the Church’s law known as the Code of Canon Law which governs the administration of the Church and its juridical procedures.

Acting in the name of the bishop, the judicial vicar oversees the tribunal and is assisted by a qualified staff who have received training in Canon Law. Staff members are available to offer advice and insight on matters regarding Canon Law and they comprise the Church’s courts that render judgments at the request of people seeking justice. Judicial trials are undertaken in the Church’s courts to pursue or vindicate rights, to declare legal facts, or to impose penalties.

At the present time, most of the work of the diocesan Tribunal involves cases presented for the determination of the invalidity of a marriage.  While the nature of the ministry in the Tribunal is juridical, its purpose is eminently pastoral.  The Tribunal participates in the mission of the local Church in proclaiming the Good News of Christ and in the pastoral mission of the salvation of God’s people.

If you think you are considering an Annulment, please contact your Parish Pastor.

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Meet the Tribunal Staff

Rev. Noel O. Sanvicente, JCD
Judicial Vicar / Judge
(408) 983-0102 Phone
(408) 983-0181 Fax

Ms. Zaira Martinez-Robles
Case Manager/ Ecclesiastical Notary
(408) 983-0224 Phone
(408) 983-0181 Fax

Rev. Robert E Hayes, JCL 
Defender of the Bond
(408) 983-0221 Phone
(408) 983-0181 Fax

Ms. Perla Amaro-Tellez
Administrative Assistant II
(408) 983-0243 Phone
(408) 983-0181 Fax