Safe Environment Training Information

Clergy, Employees & Adult Volunteers

Safe Environment Training is mandatory for diocesan clergy, employees and active volunteers working with youth or vulnerable adults. Training must be renewed every three (3) years by clergy, employees and active volunteers. The VIRTUS® online training course – Protecting God’s Children (PGC) – provides flexible accessibility and is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean languages. Volunteers and employees who serve in Homebound Ministries, or bringing the Eucharist to the sick, are responsible for taking the combined training course – Protecting God’s Children & Vulnerable Adults – which incorporates the Protecting God’s Children training material. Online training is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean languages. Training Website:

High School Student Volunteers (Teen Volunteers Ages 13 – 18)

Youth between the ages of 13 up to their 18 birthday, must complete the VIRTUS® online training courseHealthy Relationships For Teens 2.0, for employment or volunteer service eligibility. Training must be renewed every 2 years to maintain eligibility up to 18 years of age. Once the teen reaches 18 years of age, they are required to take the adult training programs in order to continue their service.
Training Website: | Registration Instructions

Safe Environment Training Materials

Safe Environment training material for children in diocesan schools or parish faith formation programs can be accessed on the VIRTUS® Resources for Teachers & Catechist web page.