Your ADA gift enables us in our Evangelization work and outreach, particularly in the areas of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Catechesis and Faith Formation, the Hispanic Apostolate, Social Justice Ministry, the Institute for Leadership in Ministry, the Formation and Training of Seminarians and Deacon Candidates, who are our future priests and deacons, and the Ongoing Formation of those already ordained. Only your gift, combined with the gifts of others throughout our Diocese, can make all of this possible.

Please consider a gift to the ADA to help support the day-to-day services that our parishes rely on for support.Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the Annual Diocesan Appeal?
    • The Annual Diocesan Appeal is an annual campaign of the Diocese of San Jose that supports ministries and services that serve all parishes and the local community in Santa Clara County. It also gives parishes the opportunity to raise significant funds by earning rebates over their own individual parish goal.

The ADA is an opportunity for our community of faith ignited by the Holy Spirit to witness Christ’s love.  Our mission is to share His love with all Catholics with one another in Santa Clara Valley.

  • What does the ADA Fund?
    • The Annual Diocesan Appeal benefits parishes and their communities by funding ministries, programs and services, including: Clergy Formation and Support, Parish Leadership Training, Teaching the Faith, Ministry Outreach, and Operational Support. Essentially, ADA dollars help fund the spiritual works of mercy in Santa Clara County.
  • How can I give to the ADA?
    • Gifts to the ADA can be a onetime gift, pledged over 10 months or by becoming a Sustaining Donor with monthly payments that renew automatically from year to year.
    • Made online using your credit card or bank transfer.
    • Paid monthly or as a one-time gift by check.
    • Gifts of stocks or securities are welcomed. Visit for more information.
    • Distributions from your Donor Advised Fund or Mandatory IRA Distributions.
  • How much money is raised and where does this money go?
    • Out of consideration for the circumstances and challenges this year, Diocesan Leadership committed to reduce the ADA goal by 15%. The goal for 2021 $5,894,755 and will fund the Diocesan Offices that provide programs and support of our parishes.
  • What happens when the goal is exceeded – where does that money go?
    • Once a parish reaches its individual annual goal, 100 percent of the overage is returned to the parish for its own needs.
  • Have ADA funds ever been used to settle judgements against the Diocese?
    • No ADA dollars have ever been – or ever will be – used to settle claims of any nature against the Diocese.