Reporting Abuse & Sexual Misconduct

The Diocese of San Jose encourages you to submit reports relating to all accusations of sexual misconduct or potential conduct violations involving any diocesan personnel, including clergy and volunteers.

If a person, or persons, wants to report a case of Clergy Abuse, we encourage them to fist contact the civil authorities (local law enforcement). Once a report is filed with the local authorities, individuals are encouraged to contact the Office for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults.

All reports are confidential and accepted by either online submission or by phone. To report sexual misconduct by phone, please contact the Office for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults at 408-983-0113. For online submission, please use the following link to access our secured server designated for reporting purposes:

Diocese of San Jose’s Victim Assistance Coordinator Contact Information:
Griselda Cervantez – Phone 408-983-0225 | Email

Mandated & Ethical Reporters

Volunteers of the Diocese of San Jose are considered “Ethical Reporters,” as opposed to employees who are “Mandated Reporters.” It is the responsibility of each Ethical Reporter to comply with the diocese’s expectations to assist in th
e protection of youth and vulnerable adults, which requires all volunteers to report any suspicions and/or awareness of abuse to a diocesan staff member on site, who is then responsible for reporting the incident to the appropriate authorities immediately (or as soon as practically possible within 24 hours).

Reporting Agencies & Contact Information:

To Report Abuse: Mandated Reporters will need to provide the following information to authorities as available: victim name, age and contact information; alleged offender name and contact information; location(s) and date(s) of the alleged incident(s); and an incident statement. If this is a life-threatening emergency, CALL 9-1-1.


  1. Within 24 hours: Make a formal report to authorities via telephone:
    • Child Abuse/Neglect: 408-299-2071 (San Jose Area)
    • Elderly Abuse: 408-975-4900 (San Jose Area)
    • Local Police Department’s Non-Emergency Line: 3-1-1
  2. Within 36 Hours: Submit a written report to agency via fax or mail
    • Child Abuse Reporting Form SS8572 | Fax 408-975-5851 (San Jose Area)
    • Elderly Abuse Reporting Form SOC341 | Fax 408-975-4910 (San Jose Area)
    • Elderly Financial Abuse Reporting Form SOC342
  3. Mailing Addresses:  Agencies serving Santa Clara County
    • Santa Clara County Department of Family & Children’s Services Child Abuse & Neglect Center 373 West Julian St. – Second Floor San Jose, CA 95110
    • Santa Clara County Adult Protective Services 333 West Julian St. – Fourth Floor San Jose, CA 95110