Safe Environment: Background Checks

of the USCCB’s Charter for the Protection of Children & Young People requires that “Dioceses are to evaluate the background of all their perspective diocesan and parish/school or other paid personnel and volunteers whose duties include contact with minors.” – Revised June 2018

In accordance with ARTICLE 13, the Diocese of San José employs three (3) types of criminal background screenings. Additional Safe Environment Standards can be found on the OPCVA Conduct and Policy page.

    1. Live Scan Fingerprinting (ORI Code A3251): This process involves taking electronic images of an individual’s fingerprints and submitting them to both the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to obtain records of criminal activity, including subsequent arrest information.
    2. Online Background Check: This process is reserved for specific volunteer roles and is conducted by an outside firm specializing in criminal history records and verification.
    3. Manual Review of Megan’s List: Online database of sexual offenders, is conducted annually by each parish and school for all volunteers not requiring formal screening.

The Online Background Check option does not fulfill the diocesan Live Scan Fingerprinting requirements. Before submitting your Online Background Check, please review your service role requirements with the Volunteer Coordinator at the location you wish to serve.

Volunteers screened through the use of a Online Background Check, as outlined under the options listed above, are prohibited from serving in supervisory roles and must serve under the direct supervision of a supervisor in full compliance with Live Scan fingerprinting, Safe Environment training and in “good standing” with the Diocese. Volunteers are required to serve in teams of two to ensure the safety of both the youth or vulnerable adult, as well as themselves.

Once you have reviewed your volunteer service with your parish/school Volunteer Coordinator, and confirmed that you are eligible to submit an Online Background Check, please complete this step by selecting your parish or school below and providing the requested information. You will need an email address to complete the process. Social Security Numbers (SSN) are not mandatory to complete this process. If you are not using a SSN, please use your Driver License Number, Identification Card Number,  or year of birth.

This website is not for employees or volunteers who require LIVE SCAN FINGERPRINTING background clearance. Please contact your parish or schools Volunteer Coordinator for additional information. If you have trouble selecting an option below, please click here.

For any questions, please contact: Anthony D. Gonzalez, Director OPCVA
Tel: 408.983.0113 | Email:

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