“The 50th Jubilee of the Diocese of San José in 2031 joyfully coincides with the 500th anniversary of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s appearance and message to St. Juan Diego.” ~ Bishop Oscar Cantú

With hearts full of hope and faith, we embark on an exciting journey with our pastoral plan, a roadmap for our shared future. The pastoral plan will not just be a document to be admired on a shelf. It is a living blueprint for action, a promise that we, as a diocese, are fully committed to making real, meaningful changes that will touch every heart in our community. Let us embark on this journey together, guided by the Holy Spirit, towards a future filled with hope and grace.

The Pastoral Plan

Diocese New Mission, Values, & Vision

The Plan At A Glance

Meet the Planning and Implementation of the Pastoral Plan Team

Steve Milligan
Director of Planning and Implementation

Andrew Brown
Pastoral Planning & Implementation Associate Director

Esther Sadeli
Project Manager (Pastoral Planning & Implementation)