The Policy of the Diocese of San Jose Preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation addresses sacramental preparation and children who are home schooled. Click for the policy for Eucharist.  See page 3 and page 7. Click  for the policy for Confirmation. See page 3.

It is primarily the responsibility of parents to see that their children who have reached the age of reason are prepared for and enabled to celebrate the sacrament of First Communion. The parish community, as their partner, supports the parents to pass on the faith to their children. The Church respects and values the parent’s responsibility.   The parish community should be an active participant in the process of initiation.  It is important that the Director of Catechetical Ministry, as a delegate of the pastor, discerns with the parents how the child will participate in the the teaching.   Sacramental preparation involves learning the  truths of our faith and being immersed in the life of the community to build relationships with others who are disciples of Christ.  The goal of catechesis is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

H. Adaptations for Children

1. Children should be enrolled in a parish process of preparation for First Communion in which children from the Catholic school and the catechetical ministry program are united.

2. Children who are home schooled should be enrolled in the parish sacramental preparation program and participate in all its dimensions: catechesis, ritual, service, spiritual (retreats, etc.) and any other requirements determined by the parish.

3. Parents/guardians of all children should participate in adult faith formation parent sessions offered by the parish to help them grow in their own understanding and appreciation of the sacrament of Eucharist and to assistthem in catechizing their children. These sessions should be sensitive to the cultural experiences of those involved.

4. Any decision to celebrate First Communion with children before sacramental confession should be discussed, understood, and agreed upon by the pastor.

These guidelines are meant to support the partnership between the parent and their parish faith community to proclaim the Good News of the Lord.

Another important resource for parents who homeschool:

The Diocese of San Jose has catechetical standards for 1st to 8th grade. The Catechetical Standards are a set of age-level competencies for the catechetical programs of the Diocese of San Jose to identify the basic things that need to be learned taught and celebrated for children in grades 1-8.