The Catechetical Standards are a set of age-level competencies for the catechetical programs of the Diocese of San Jose to identify the basic things that need to be learned taught and celebrated for children in grades 1-8.

In his letter to parents and guardians on August 20, 2007, Bishop McGrath stated;

“The Diocesan Catechetical Standards will strengthen the partnership that exists between the home and the parish so that children and youth will be able to develop life-giving relationships with Christ and his Church.  Not only will these standards enable parents, clergy, catechetical directors/coordinators, catechists, and the entire parish to see what is expected at each grade level, but the standards will also support them in their efforts to contribute to the faith formation process.

Even young children should know that from us, they can receive the authentic teaching of the Church.  At the same time, because their many questions may be difficult to answer, you—as parents—will need to seek continuing formation and education to be up to the task.

It is my hope that these Catechetical Standards will assist all who teach children about their faith—parents, clergy, and catechists—to do so fully, faithfully, and confidently.”

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Catechetical Standards Questions

How to best measure the learning of the diocesan catechetical standards?  Children love to talk about or show what they learned.  The way we measure the learning of the catechetical standards in important.  Effective methods include:

  • Games: modeled on Family Feud or Jeopardy
  • Conversation between family and catechist
  • Puppets ask the questions to the children
  • Older children ask younger children the questions
  • Parents have a conversation with their children

Click here for the catechetical standards questions to assess informally.

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