Vocations Soccer Cup

We would like to thank you for your support and participation of the 2022 Vocations Soccer Cup Tournament. 

The Diocese of San José is hosting the Jubilee Games for Vocations held on June 25, 2023. Sisters and Postulants competed in a soccer game for the St. Clare Cup, with high school girls filling out both teams. Priests and Seminarians will compete in a second soccer game for the St. Joseph Cup, with high school boys filling out both teams as well. This outstanding community event of family entertainment will follow all the Covid-19 regulations.

La Diócesis de San José será la sede de los Juegos del Jubileo por las Vocaciones el 30 de julio. Las Religiosas, hermanas y postulantes competirán en un partido de fútbol por la Copa Santa Clara, con chicas de secundaria completando ambos equipos. Sacerdotes y seminaristas competirán en un segundo partido de fútbol por la Copa San Jose, y chicos de secundaria también completarán ambos equipos. Este destacado evento comunitario de entretenimiento familiar seguirá todas las regulaciones de Covid-19.

The final score of the games:
Sisters vs Postulants
Postulants – 3 Sisters -1

Priests vs Seminarians
The priest and sems were tied 2-2
We hope to see you again at next year’s games. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!

If you want to see great moments from this event, you can view the photo collection below.  More photos can be found here.

St. Clare Cup Players

St. Clare cup Mystics vs Monastics (Sisters Vs. Postulants) Players


Sr. Ana Maria Chavolla
Sr. Catherine Dang
Sr. Ellen Hess
Sr. Thi Anh Huynh
Sr. Rosario Munoz
Sr. Antonia Nerio-Vargas
Sr. Thoa TK Nguyen
Sr. Julia Prinz
Sr. Duong TN Vo
Sr. Thi Kim Thoa Vo
M. Revalacion




St. Joseph Cup Players

St. Joseph Cup – Workers vs Dreamers (Priests vs Seminarians) Players

Priests & Bishop

Bishop Oscar Cantú
Fr. Ukeme-Abasi Bassey
Fr. Angelbert Chikere
Fr. Simon Devereux
Fr. Martin Ezeador
Fr. Andrey Garcia
Fr. Athanasius Kikoba
Fr. Joe Kim
Fr. Joseph Kunav
Fr. Gerald Nwafor
Fr. John Offor
Fr. James Okafor
Fr. Hugo Rojas
Fr. Walter Suarez
Fr. Thanh Khan Vu


Quizzer Besinio
Khoa Bui
Thanh Ho
Robert Lamorena
Ryan Mau
Duy Nguyen
Michael Silva


Volunteer Opportunities

There are multiple volunteer opportunities.  Choose the type that best fit you!

  • Teams & Game coordinators – Communicates with players and coaches – organize two or three practices
  • Coaches – Discuss and assigns team positions with players, gives support and strategies for the game to be played
  • Referee – At games in the field and on the tracking table – (1) Keeps the order of the games, rules, regulations of soccer. Discuss rules with coaches and implementation during the games. (2) keeps records and tracks the calls and cards activities during the games
  • Registration – Help with pre-sale tickets and sales at the door
  • Event Set-up
  • Hospitality
  • Concessions
  • Food/Water Station
  • Activities and Entertainment
  • Event Clean-up
  • Flexible

Event Sponsorship Information

The Diocese currently has eight seminarians and the cost of one year of priestly formation and education averages $50,000 per seminarian for tuition, room and board, and a small monthly stipend. With eight men in priestly studies, the total is approximately $400,000 a year. While our Annual Diocesan Appeal covers approximately half of this cost, we still need to raise an additional $200,000 each year.

Sponsorship Level

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Sponsorship Commitment Form

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Evento información de patrocinio

La Diócesis tiene actualmente ocho seminaristas y el costo de un año de formación y educación sacerdotal es de un promedio de $50,000 por seminarista para matrícula, alojamiento y comida, y un pequeño estipendio mensual. Con ocho hombres en estudios sacerdotales, el total es de aproximadamente $ 400,000 al año. Si bien nuestra Campaña Diocesana anual cubre aproximadamente la mitad de este costo, todavía necesitamos recaudar $ 200,000 adicionales cada año.

Nivel de patrocinio

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