July 21-23, 2023
St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish Old Convent

A high school women’s retreat for young Catholic young women to deepen their faith
and seek God’s call in their lives


What is Fiat?

“Fiat” is the Latin phrase for “let it be done

The Fiat Retreats offer guidance and time in prayer, as well as classic camp activities like sports, hiking and great food.  You will have the chance to meet and hang out with religious sisters, who serve as group leaders and help run the retreat.

Retreats include:

  • Mass & Prayer
  • Sports & Games
  • Special tour to convents and shadow a day of a Sister’s life.
  • Talks & Small group discussions
  • Food & Friendship
  • Q&A with sisters and priests

Fiat Retreats in the US

Fiat Retreats are led in many dioceses across the US, giving young women the opportunity to discern God’s plan for their lives and grow in their relationship with Christ. Learn more at


Is this retreat for me?

  • Are you a Catholic young woman in 9th – 12th grade?
  • Are you open to following Jesus Christ and interested in what that might mean in your own life?
  • Are you willing to spend a few days with other teen girls, college women, sisters, playing games, eating great food, and growing deeper in your faith?

If you answered yes to all 3, then we invite you to sign up!

Note: Although this is hosted by vocations offices, this retreat is NOT meant to force you to become a sister (or into any other vocation)!  It’s about hanging out with other young women your age group who want to grow deeper in their Catholic faith.

See photos from the 2018 and 2017 retreat on our social media feeds: and


Who is invited?  Catholic High School young women in the Northern California area

Retreat Organizers:  This Fiat Retreat is a collaboration between the Diocese of San Jose Vocations Offices and Youth and Young Adult

Registration:   Register here.

APPLICATION PROCESS: (Retreat application/registration period opens April 1 yearly)

1. Complete application form.

2. Applicants receive acceptance status and application packet via email.

3. Applicants complete and upload application packet.


Got More Questions?  Contact our team by emailing

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I have teen girls in my ministry that I think would love attending Fiat Retreat.  What should I do? Please invite them!  Hand her a Fiat Flyer, letting him know why you want to encourage him to attend.

I work with a great Catholic young woman who is excited to follow Jesus, but I don’t want to push him to become a priest.  Is this a retreat for young high school Catholic women called to other vocations, too?

Yes!  This retreat is NOT a discernment retreat.  It is for young Catholic women interested in deepening their faith.  Following the universal call to holiness is the primary message of the retreat, and in that context, we will be discussing each particular Vocation to priesthood, marriage, and consecrated life.

If there is a young teenage woman at your parish who is ready to go deeper in his faith with other young women and great role models, invite him!

What are some other easy ways I can help? Check that the Fiat retreats are being advertised in your bulletin and Mass announcements.  If not, see below for promotional material.

Don’t know any girls that should attend?  Ask your youth minister, altar server trainer, confirmation coordinator, or pastor if they have invited any young women to attend (print this flyer in case they haven’t)  If they have, learn the first name of the young man, and start praying for him!


Bulletin Announcement:


Attention Catholic teen girls! Do you know where your life is going? The Lord Jesus has a great plan for you! You are invited to attend this year’s Fiat Retreat July 21-23 to look at the Lord’s call in your life while having fun.

The Fiat Retreat is a camp for high school women in 9 – 12 grade.  Led by sisters, college women and priests, it will include prayer, Mass, sports tournaments, great food, discussions, hiking, and talks.  Retreat is free. If you are interested, please contact our pastor or go to

If you know a young woman who might enjoy the retreat, invite her to take a look!

Pulpit Announcement:

Catholic teen women in 9th to 12th grade are invited to explore the Lord’s call in your life at the 2023 Fiat Retreat July 21-23. This camp includes prayer, sports, talks, and more, helping you to know Jesus more deeply and have fun with other young women, sisters, college women, and priests. To learn more, talk to our pastor, go to, or see our bulletin.

See photos of retreats on our social media feeds: and