Zoom Training for Catechists

The Office of Faith Formation is offering a Zoom Training Webinar in English and Spanish for catechists to get ready for the coming catechetical year!

Learn how to set a meeting up with the features you will need for successful meetings with your families and students in the catechesis:

    • Enabling the Waiting Room
    • Requiring that the instructor knows who the participants are
    • Locking the meeting at an specific time so avoid disruptions during the lesson
    • How to Screen Share
    • No allowing screen shots or recording by anyone
    • How to divide into groups (breakrooms)
    • How to use and share a whiteboard
    • How to remove someone from the meeting
    • How to see all participants

Please see the following videos to prepare before the training webinar, so you can feel familiar with the terms we will be using during the training:

  1. Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time; Fun and Easy Online Connection
  2. How to Host a Zoom Call for the First Time – Fun and Easy Online Connection
  3. Using Zoom Breakout Rooms (2020) – Beginner Zoom Tutorial


Thursday, August 6th
6:30 – 8:00 pm

English Session

Saturday, August 8th
9:30 – 11:00 am

Spanish Session