In order to help prepare people to pray and celebrate with the new words and responses in the new English translation of the Roman Missal, it is important to incoporate elements of the Roman Missal in all catechetical processes. Click here for catechetical support and resources to use with adults, youth and children.

Do remember these two liturgical goals:
1.Prepare them to pray the newly translated mass to help them participate more fully, actively, consciously in the liturgy.

2.Familiarize them with the texts.

Do put together a parish Roman missal catechetical implementation team.
1. Get the right people on the implementation team, catechists, liturgists, music ministers, staff, leaders
2. Study the key document.
3. Identify a vision that gives insight to parish mission and liturgical renewal
4. Identify goals and objectives
5. Develop an action plan

Do liturgical catechesis.

“Liturgical catechesis is everything that we do catechetically that prepares us to enter into the liturgical experience, and everything that we do catechetically to reflect on that experience afterward.” – Robert Duggan

Address the new words and responses at mass. Here is a suggested schedule and outline of homiletic and catechetical points from Diana Macalintal to prepare the assembly for the new English translation. Download this suggested schedule and outline (PDF file).

Address the new words and responses outside of mass at times that people of the parish are gathered; meetings, prayer groups, catechetical sessions for adults, youth and children. In order to do liturgical catechesis, follow the suggested schedule above to connect it to what is being shared in the homilies and prayed and celebrated on Sunday.

Put information in bulletin and parish website.

Deepen the understanding and appreciation for the Eucharistic liturgy by prayerfully reflecting on the new texts of the Roman Missal and their meaning to their lives.

? A good suggestion is to make the opening prayer of mass as a holy card and invite the parish community to make it their daily prayer for the week.

? Do remember that catechesis is the key.

“Mother Church earnestly desires that all the faithful be led to that full, conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations…” -SC paragraph 14