Local schools/parishes play an integral role in protecting the health and safety of their staff, students and their families.  This appendix is designed to provide guidance to catechetical and faith formation programs concerning pandemic influenza. It is important that you periodically (at least quarterly) review this material to maintain familiarity and for any updates. These documents will be reviewed by the diocesan Catechetical Advisory Board annually. It is also required that this plan be reviewed with all parish catechetical and faith formation staff each fall and that they have a copy of what pertains to their area of ministry.

While all catechetical and faith formation programs in the diocese must be in compliance with this policy, other resources are available to assist parishes in developing their particular pandemic fly plan. See the links on the diocesan webpage.  Click here for a handout for procedures for catechists to use with those they catechize.

No matter the crisis situation, the following three principles must always be observed:

1. Your safety and the safety of our children is the highest priority.
2. Remain calm and reassure the children.
3. Follow the policies and procedures, but in all cases use common sense.
Please note that the policies regarding liturgical practices in Appendix D apply to liturgies in school and faith formation programs as well.