Department of Catholic Schools Guiding Principles

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The Diocese of San Jose proudly serves 28 Catholic elementary schools, 6 Catholic high schools, and over 14,000 students within Santa Clara County. We believe that Catholic schools transform the lives of children and their communities, and we are excited about the opportunity that the future holds.

The Department of Catholic Schools supports all those who carry out the mission and ministry of Catholic schools. The Department of Catholic Schools is committed to ensuring the future of Catholic education in the Diocese through a focus on:

  • Communion – nurturing a personal relationship with Christ and an encounter with one another; cultivating a strong Catholic culture; calling us together into one community as we leverage strengths, build shared knowledge, and collaboratively seek opportunities to further the mission of Catholic education
  • Formation – recognizing that forming our children requires a commitment to the ongoing formation of all those who serve within our ministry; fostering leadership at every level; pursuing intentional, engaging, responsive instruction that ensures that every child is able to thrive
  • Stewardship – embracing our responsibility to ensure that vibrant Catholic schools positively impact present and future generations; addressing issues of equity and accessibility; engaging in critical reflection and transparent, responsible use of data to support ongoing growth

Department of Catholic Schools Staff

Jennifer Beltramo

Superintendent of Schools

Elizabeth Trela

Associate Superintendent of Schools

Cynthia Olavarria

Director of Finance

Cecile Mantecón

Director of Mission Advancement

Joanne Miley

Operations Coordinator