A Vision for the Diocese of San Jose, The Catholic Community of Santa Clara County

The mission of the Diocese of San Jose, the Catholic Community of Santa Clara County, is to be a local Church that will inspire the people of this Valley to live the values taught by Jesus Christ, inspiring them to integrity and action.

What Parents Say About Our Catholic Schools

“ I am continually impressed with how respectful the students are. I can clearly see this teaching of respect and kindness in my own child. “

“ The school is very welcoming and provides a well-rounded academic experience. My child feels a sense of community from her classmates ”

“ You can see how happy every child is. I’m so impressed by the level of care and respect they have for themselves and each other. It has helped my daughter feel accepted and a sense of belonging. ”

“ Great community, family involvement, faith-based education, high expectations of learning/conduct, safe setting, fun atmosphere balanced with rigorous academic work, abundance of opportunities for children to take leadership/involved roles. ”

“ Our school instills a sense of purpose into their students. Specifically, students learn that they each have talents, and they must work hard to fully develop them in order to best serve their community. ”

Educating over 14,000 students

28 Elementary Schools
15 Preschools
6 High Schools