Earlier this year, Pope Francis issued his landmark encyclical Laudato Si’, on the care for our common home, the Earth. The best summary I heard of this document was this: It’s not about simply caring for the environment. The Pope is calling us to care for one another, most especially those who are the poorest of the Earth, because they are the ones most vulnerable to the environment and climate in which they live.

On August 6, Pope Francis continued his reminder to all Christians of our call to be good stewards of what God has created by establishing for the Roman Catholic Church September 1 as a World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. The Orthodox Church has already been marking this day with prayers for our common home. The Pope’s message establishing this day is also an ecumenical call to all Christians as well.

To help you and your parishioners mark September 1 with prayers for the Earth, in both your communal and private prayers, here are some resources you can use:

Prayer for the Care of the Earth
God our Father and Creator, we give you thanks 
for the wonder of creation which inspires us,
the fruit of the Earth which feeds us,
the beauty of nature which grounds us,
and the joy of life which gives us hope.
Heal the places where your creation has been marred,
and restore all creatures to the splendor of your glory,
that all may delight once again in your goodness.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

From The Work of Your Hands by Diana Macalintal.
Copyright © 2014, Liturgical Press. All rights reserved.

Oración por el Cuidado de La Tierra
Dios Padre y Creador nuestro, te damos gracias
por la maravilla de la creación que nos inspira,
por el fruto de la Tierra que nos alimenta,
la belleza de la naturaleza que nos enraíza, 
y el gozo de la vida que nos da esperanza.
Sana los lugares donde tu creación ha sido golpeada,
y restaura a todas las criaturas al esplendor de tu gloria,
que todo pueda deleitar una vez más en tu bondad.
Lo pedimos en el nombre de Jesucristo nuestro Señor.

From The Work of Your Hands by Diana Macalintal.
Copyright © 2014, Liturgical Press. All rights reserved.
Translated by Luis Estrada.

Blessing for All Creation
God of all creation, each morning you send the sun
from the East to bring a new day to birth;
you call the gentle South wind to cool our days
and refresh our lives;
each night the sun sets in the West to bring us the gift
of rest and renewal;
and you summon the great North wind to clothe
the mountaintops in snow and shining splendor.
Send your Holy Spirit over this sacred land we call home,
that the earth may be radiant with your glory
through the care of your people.
From East to West and North to South,
may your blessing be upon every living thing 
you have created.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

From The Work of Your Hands by Diana Macalintal.
Copyright © 2014, Liturgical Press. All rights reserved.