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October: Month of Prayer for Reconciliation and Healing

Bishop McGrath, in conjunction with the Diocesan Liturgical Commission, has called on all parishes to dedicate the month of October, Mary’s month, to prayer for victims and survivors of sexual abuse by clergy, and those who enabled them. On Monday, October 1, there will be a prayer service at the Ca

Special intercession for Good Friday 2017

Each Triduum, Bishop Patrick J. McGrath offers a special intercession to be used during the Good Friday liturgy. This year, he asks that all parishes in the Diocese of San Jose include the following intercession in the Solemn Intercessions for the Celebration of the Passion of the Lord on Good Frida

Intercessions and prayer for after the elections 2016

Here are some intercessions and prayers for these days after the election that you can select from and adapt for use in your Sunday and weekday Masses and in your own personal prayers. (Click here to download these prayers as a Word file) Sample intercessions for after the Election Diana Macalintal