In many communities, June and July are transition times for staff members. For places receiving a new pastor, the Bishop ritually inaugurates his ministry at the Rite of Installation usually scheduled a few months after the new pastor has joined the parish. But you might be looking for some ways to pray for those who are leaving now and also for those who are joining your parish staff this summer before any official rites take place.

The Office for Worship has developed two brief prayers that you can use in your community to pray for a pastor, parochial vicar, or other staff member who is leaving the parish, or for when a new pastor, parochial vicar, or staff member arrives at your parish. These prayers might be used as part of a community gathering or a staff meeting. You may adapt, translate, reprint, and distribute these prayers for your use as you need in your community.

Download these prayers (Word .docx file) here. Please let me know if you need these prayers in a different file format.