Now Accepting Applications for
2023-2024 Academic Year

Human Formation

Spiritual Formation

Intellectual Formation

Pastoral Formation


Individuals interested in applying for the Institute must be recommended by their pastor.  A person being considered for the Institute should possess:

  • A call to the ministry of leadership within the Catholic Community
  • Demonstrated or potential leadership ability
  • Current participation in some form of pastoral ministry
  • Willingness to commit to 10-12 hours per month for classes
  • Ability to devote 8-10 additional hours per month outside of class for reading and writing papers.

Recommendation: all prospective students must be recommended by their pastor. The pastor or assigned staff invites the prospective candidate to complete the Application Form. After vetting the candidates, the pastor completes the provided ILM Recommendation Form, available below, for each candidate and sends it to the director. Parishes may nominate several candidates to the English and/or Spanish track.

Application Form: Students complete the Application Form.

Personal Statement: along with the Application Form, candidates are asked to write a short reflection including:

  • Why they desire to attend the ILM at this time?
  • How did they come to this decision?
  • What are their goals and what area of ministerial leadership interests them?
  • Describe their prayer life.

Learning Covenant: Candidates are asked to read, sign and return the Learning Covenant which clarifies the expectations of the staff, faculty, and recommending pastor.

The pastor recommendation, student application, Personal Statement, and Learning Covenant can be mailed or sent via email to the Director no later than August 18, 2023.


Note:  We are still accepting applications for the Academic Year 2023-2024.