Three Year Curriculum

First Year
Wednesday Weekly Sessions

Encountering Christ-Using elements of our Catholic spiritual traditions, students will experience directed prayer, meditation, contemplation, and retreats, with a commitment to daily prayer.

Introduction to Sacred Scripture

Hebrew Scriptures

New Testament



Saturday Monthly Sessions

Spiritual Retreats

Study Skills

Stages of Faith

Planning & Leading Prayer

The Art of Communication

Conflict Management

My Identity, Relationship, and Mission

Second Year
Wednesday Weekly Sessions

 My Identity, Relationship, and Mission-This module will guide the ILM student to discern where God is enabling him/her for specific parish-based ministry.

History of the Church

Second Vatican Council

Sacraments of Initiation

 Sacraments of Healing

 Sacraments of Vacation


Saturday Monthly Sessions

 Spiritual Retreat


 The Church as Organization


 Multicultural Church

 Ethics in Ministry

 Pastoral and Administrative Skills

 My Identity, Relationship, and Mission


Third Year
Wednesday Weekly Sessions


Youth Ministry

Adult Faith Formation


Liturgy and Catechesis


Liturgy and Social Justice

Catholic Social Teaching

Social Justice Ministry

Saturday Sessions

Spiritual Retreat


For additional information, please contact either Irma Alarcon de Rangel at 408-983-0111 or or the ILM office at 408-983-0110 or