Stations of the Cross - Christ the Light CathedralEach Triduum, Bishop Patrick J. McGrath offers a special intercession to be used during the Good Friday liturgy. This year, he asks that all parishes in the Diocese of San Jose include the following intercession in the Solemn Intercessions for the Celebration of the Passion of the Lord on Good Friday, April 14, 2017. This intercession has been formatted to match the pattern (either sung or spoken) of the intercessions that are found in the Roman Missal. Below you will find the intercession in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. (Special thanks for Lupita Vital and Rev. Hao Dinh for the translations.) Please translate this prayer as needed for Good Friday celebrations in other languages.

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XI. For those in particular need

Let us pray for those who are homeless,
unemployed, or imprisoned,
and for migrants and refugees,
that the God of mercy and love
may guide them in his ways.

[Prayer in silence. Then the Priest says:]

Almighty ever-living God,
grant to your people who suffer
the knowledge of your love and care for each person.
May hearts that are closed
be opened to those in need,
that despair may give way to hope,
so that all people will one day share
the dignity of the children of God.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


XI. Por quienes están en una necesidad particular

Oremos, por los que no tienen hogar,
los desempleados, encarcelados,
y por los migrantes y refugiados,
que el Dios de la misericordia y el amor
los guie en su camino.

[Se ora un momento en silencio. Luego prosigue el sacerdote:]

Dios todopoderoso y eterno,
concede a las personas que sufren
el conocimiento de tu amor y cuidado para cada una de ellas.
Que los corazones cerrados
se abran a los necesitados y
que la desesperación de paso a la esperanza,
de modo que todas las personas compartan un día
la dignidad de los hijos e hijas de Dios.

Por Cristo nuestro Señor. Amén.


XI. C?u Cho Nhu C?u ??c Bi?t

Ta hãy c?u cho nh?ng ng??i vô gia c?,
th?t nghi?p, ho?c tù nhân,
cùng nh?ng ng??i t? n?n và di dân,
?? Thiên Chúa giàu lòng th??ng xót và nhân h?u
d?n d?t h? trên con ???ng c?a Ng??i.

[Thinh l?ng c?u nguy?n. R?i linh m?c ??c:]

L?y Thiên Chúa toàn n?ng h?ng h?u,
xin cho nh?ng ai ?au kh?
nh?n bi?t Ngài th??ng yêu và ch?m lo cho t?ng ng??i.
Xin cho lòng chúng con không khép kín
nh?ng r?ng m? cho nh?ng ai có nhu c?u,
?? th?t v?ng tr? thành hy v?ng,
h?u cho m?i ng??i m?t ngày kia ???c chia s?
ph?m giá c?a con cái Thiên Chúa.
Chúng con c?u xin nh? ??c Kitô Chúa chúng con.


Image: Stations of the Cross, Christ the Light Cathedral, Oakland, California, photo by: Diana Macalintal, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.