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Clergy Disclosure List

October  18, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I express my deepest apologies for the actions of those who were in positions of authority and who violated that sacred trust by abusing children. The sexual abuse of children and young people is an appalling crime and a sin.  When these perpetrators are members of the clergy, there are not only psychological wounds but spiritual wounds.

In the Diocese of San Jose, we have worked diligently to create a safe environment in which to worship, learn, and gather in our parishes, schools and other institutions.  Every bishop, priest, deacon, employee, and volunteer, who have contact with children in any capacity, must undergo a background check and triennial training on how to prevent, recognize and report the sexual abuse of children. It is my commitment to build on the efforts of the past and continue to improve upon them.

To that end, I am releasing the names and status of all priests with credible allegations of sexual abuse of children occurring within the Diocese of San Jose.  These priests were assigned to a parish or diocesan ministry in Santa Clara County by the Bishop of San Jose or, in the years before our founding in 1981, by the Archbishop of San Francisco.

We have attempted to make this list as accurate and complete as possible. In November, Dr. Kathleen McChesney will lead an independent team to audit our priest personnel files. Should additional credible allegations surface during the investigation, those names will be added to the list that I am providing today. Dr. McChesney is a former FBI Executive Assistant Director.

Our vigilance, training, and prevention efforts are ongoing and we continually seek to improve them. I have spoken to many survivors of abuse who have come forward, and I thank them for their courage. I personally encourage any survivors, who have not previously come forward, to do so by contacting the local authorities – police department or sheriff’s office – and then to make a report to our Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults at 408-983-0113 or

There can no longer be a culture of secrecy in the Church, but one of transparency and accountability. Our work will not be complete until all of those who have been harmed have received assistance in healing and until the evil of child sexual abuse has been eradicated from society.

With every best wish and kind regard, I remain,

Sincerely yours,
Bishop McGrath Signature -png
Patrick J. McGrath
Bishop of San Jose