Stewardship Seminar

Fundraising Boot Camp
Session One

  • What are some of the tools I can use to identify and grasp the needs of my parish?
  • How do I craft our parish needs into a clear, focused case statement that will engage and excite my parishioners?
  • How do I get over the fear of asking my parishioners to support our identified needs?
  • What are the ways I can cultivate and sustain a culture of giving at my parish?

Resources and Presentation

Catholic Giving Landscape

Charitable Giving Overview

Creating a Campaign Case Statement Handout

October 2017 Boot Camp Key Note Slides

October 2017 Boot Camp Presentaton Slides

Reflections on Philanthropy

Writing a Compelling Case Worksheet

Boot Camp is sponsored by the Office of Stewardship and Development and underwritten by CCS Fundraising.

Thank you for attending.