Dear Friends,

Before and after the closure of Saint Lawrence Academy in 2016, the Parish and the Diocese pursued numerous options to attempt to utilize the high school facilities within our Catholic School system.  Sadly, we were unsuccessful in these efforts.

Once it was clear that we could no longer sustain a Catholic School on the site of the Academy high school, the Parish gave consideration to other options to allow the buildings to be put to some educational use and, at the same time, to generate income to allow the parish to repay the substantial debt that the Academy had accumulated in its final years.

In the end, the Parish, in consultation with the Diocese, chose Stratford High School as its new tenant. Recognizing this is not a school in our system, we have every confidence that this is the best option available to allow Saint Lawrence Parish to be free from its debt.  It will also allow the Parish to increase its capacity to serve its parishioners and the students in Saint Lawrence elementary and middle schools, which are well positioned to continue their mission as Catholic Schools now and into the future.

We ask for your prayers and support as we enter into this agreement.

In Peace,

Fr.-Ernesto-Orci-Signature KathyAlmazolSignature1
  Fr. Ernesto Orci
Pastor, St. Lawrence
the Martyr Parish
Kathy Almazol
Superintendent of Schools
Diocese of San Jose