Rite of Election 2018


Sunday, February 18, 2018, at 3:30p
Tuesday, February 20, 2018, at 7:30p

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph
80 South Market Street, San Jose

Bishop Patrick J. McGrath welcomes to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph the catechumens from all parishes, institutions, and missions of the diocese who are ready for the Rite of Election where they will be chosen to be initiated at the next Easter Vigil. All the liturgies will be multilingual.

Who is the Rite of Election for?
The Rite of Election is only for those who are unbaptized. Please do not include baptized candidates among the names of those you register or send to the Cathedral. Baptized candidates may participate as members of the assembly and be seated in the unreserved sections of the Cathedral. See more frequently asked questions about the Rite of Election here.

Register your catechumens for the Rite of Election
Even if your parish has several different RCIA groups separated by language or age, there is only one RCIA process. Ideally, each parish celebrates the Rite of Election with all the catechumens from their parish together. Before you register, please be sure to know the number of ALL the catechumens, adults and children, from ALL the language and age groups in your parish, and please submit ONLY ONE FORM PER PARISH.


by January 18, 2018!

Rehearsal information
Rehearsal Information for RCIA directors, persons calling out names, and persons carrying the Book of the Elect will be available soon.

Other important information
Frequently Asked Questions about the Rite of Election
Bulletin Insert for Rite of Election

Updates on parish schedules and names
Please note that schedules are not finalized until after January 2018. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s first choice, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive your first choice.

Seating Information and Charts
<!– –>Seating chart for Sunday, February 18, 2018 (coming soon)
–>Seating chart for Tuesday, February 20, 2018 (coming soon)

Seats will be reserved for:
– each catechumen
– his or her godparent (child catechumens may have two godparents sit with them)
– the representative from each parish carrying the Book of the Elect
– the representative from each parish calling out the names
– the parish’s catechumenate director
– and two other parish representatives

Family members, candidates (baptized persons preparing for the sacraments), and friends who are not doing one of the roles listed above are invited to sit in the unreserved sections of the Cathedral.

Please contact Office of Liturgy, 408-983-0126 or 408-983-0136.

Photo by Sofyan Nugroho