Our diocese’s patron saint is Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. His feast day (and our diocese’s) is March 19.

Saint Joseph – San Jose,
we honor you as our Patron.
We revere you as that “wise and loyal servant”
whom the Lord placed over His household.
With faith you trusted God’s message
and acted on it.
With a husband’s love
you cherished Mary, our Mother.
With a father’s care
you watched over Jesus, our Savior.
With honest labor
you provided for your Holy Family.
Pray for us now in this Diocese
which bears your name
that we may nourish each other in faith,
support each other in our temporal needs,
and renew our Church
in the pattern of your own Household.

— Copyright © 1996, Most Reverend R. Pierre DuMaine, First Bishop of San Jose