Canyon Heights Academy is more than just a school. It is a Christ-centered educational community of excellence focused on the Integral Formation of our students, forming them to lead lives rooted in Christ and offering them the experience of joy that comes with becoming His apostles. As a Catholic community, we are eager to help our students, faculty, and parents exercise their Christian leadership by building Christ’s kingdom and impacting the culture in which we live. Our mission is to form strong,
authentic Catholic leaders who will live out their faith and transform society.

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a. University education degree, with a postgraduate degree preferred in special
education, educational specialist or related fields.
b. Minimum of two years’ teaching experience (preferred)
c. Leadership and teamwork capabilities
d. Excellent communication and organization skills
e. Skill for transmitting knowledge and the ability to stimulate a desire to learn in
f. Excellent social qualities, having a firm and kind character
g. Capacity for managing groups
h. Honesty and faithful support of the school
i. Teachers who are not Catholic should be in agreement with and have an openness to the apostolic mission of the school and the method of Integral

Specific Responsibilities
The specific responsibilities of the teacher include, but are not limited to, the
a. Maintaining a high standard of academic excellence in accord with the vision and mission of the academy and the methodology of Integral FormationSM
b. Planning, preparing and delivering lessons in accordance with the
approved curriculum and methodology as described in the RC School
Principles and the individualized educational or accommodation plan for
students in the resource program
c. Exercising students in the development of their intellectual skills and
abilities according to their needs
d. Motivating students to continual personal improvement according to
personal goals
e. Assessing student work and giving timely and appropriate feedback;
communicating any issues to parents and the principal in a timely manner
f. Maintaining regular and professional communication with parents
concerning student academic progress and development of integral
formation; maintaining accurate documentation of all communication with
parents concerning their children’s academic or behavioral issues
g. Maintaining an effective and formative learning environment within the
classroom according to school guidelines; monitoring the classroom and
school environment to ensure that it remains clean, safe, and in good
h. Implementing differentiated instruction techniques to meet the diverse
needs of the students specific to IEP or accommodation plan
i. Communicating and encouraging academic excellence and the principles
of Integral FormationSM among colleagues
j. Supporting and maintaining positive school culture and mystique through
personal example and maintaining good relationships and team work with
all faculty
k. Making continual progress in personal professional growth and
development; actively participating in all school-sponsored professional
l. Liaising with other professionals including the dean of students, chaplain,
front office administration, as required
Please provide the following:

● Resume,  A copy of your transcript, including proof of graduation, from an accredited postsecondary university.
● Letter(s) of Reference (Please provide two (2) letters of reference)
● Other (Single Subject Teaching Credential, or be in the process of obtaining one,
for the State of California)

We offer competitive pay with benefits in a very supportive environment.
For more information or to apply, please contact Mrs. Estela Zeik at

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