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A Mass to Celebrate Special Needs

September 19, 2013 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

“As Jesus embraced all who came to him, so do we in the Diocese of San Jose. With particular concern and love, we reach out to those with disabilities.”
-Bishop Patrick J. McGrath

If you have a family member or know someone with special needs, please invite them to come with you to a Mass proclaiming that all are welcome at Christ’s Table.  This Mass with Bishop Patrick J. McGrath has been planned by the diocesan “Friends In Faith Committee”.
It will be held on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 7:00 pm, Santa Teresa Parish, 794 Calero Ave, San Jose, CA  95123.  A reception will follow.
For more information please contact the diocese at dsjstaging.wpengine.com/specialneedsmass or call Wendy Scherbart at 408-983-0138.
All Are Welcome!
Download posters here:
DSJ Special Needs Mass – English
DSJ Special Needs Mass – Vietnamese
DSJ Special Needs Mass – Spanish

Misa para Celebrar con las personas de Necesidades Especiales

“Como Jesús abraza a quien viene a él, en la Diócesis de San José, hacemos lo mismo. Con particular afecto y amor, llegamos a aquellos con discapacidades.”
Obispo, Patrick J. McGrath

Si usted tiene  un familiar o conoce a alguien con necesidades especiales, por favor invítelos  a la Misa donde proclamamos que todos son bienvenidos a la mesa del Cristo.  Misa celebrada con el Obispo Patrick J. McGrath, y ha sido planeado por “Friends in Faith Committee”. (Comité de Amigos en la Fe).
Se llevara a cabo el jueves 19 de septiembre de 2013, a las 7:00 pm. En la parroquia de Santa Teresa, 794 Calero Ave. San José CA  95123. Seguido de una recepción.
Para más información comuníquese a la  diócesis en dsjstaging.wpengine.com/specialneedsmass o llamar a Wendy Scherbart al 408-983-0138.
Todos Son Bienvenidos

Tha?nh Lê?? Câ?u Nguyê?n Cho Nh??ng Nhu Câ?u Cu?a Ng???i Khuyê?t Tâ?t

“Nh? Chu?a Giêsu ?a? ôm â?p tâ?t ca? nh??ng ai ?ê?n v??i Nga?i, chu?ng ta cu?ng la?m nh? vâ?y ta?i Gia?o Phâ?n San Jose.  Chu?ng ta ?ê?n v??i nh??ng anh chi? em co? khuyê?t tâ?t v??i s?? quan tâm va? th??ng yêu hê?t lo?ng.” – ???c Cha Patrick J. McGrath

Nê?u qu?y vi? co? ng???i trong gia ?i?nh hay biê?t nh??ng ng???i co? khuyê?t tâ?t, xin m??i ho? ?i chung v??i quy? vi? ?ê?n d?? Tha?nh Lê? ?ê? tuyên x?ng r??ng mo?i ng???i ?ê?u ????c cha?o ?o?n n?i Ba?n Tiê?c Tha?nh.Tha?nh Lê? v??i ???c Cha Patrick J. McGrath na?y do nho?m “Uy? Ban Huynh ?ê? Trong ???c Tin” m??i go?i.
Tha?nh Lê? se? ????c c?? ha?nh va?o nga?y Th?? N?m, Nga?y 19 tha?ng Chi?n n?m 2013 lu?c 7 gi?? chiê?u, Ta?i nha? th?? Tha?nh Thêrêsa, 794 Calero Ave San Jose, CA 95123. Se? co? tiê?c nhe? sau Tha?nh Lê?.
Nê?u câ?n thêm chi tiê?t xin coi trên ma?ng: dsjstaging.wpengine.com/specialneedsmass ho??c go?i cho ba? Wendy Scherbart ta?i sô? 408-983-0138.


September 19, 2013
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Santa Teresa Parish
794 Calero Avenue
San Jose, CA 95123 United States