Catholic Scouting

Scouting is Youth Ministry

The values taught in Scouting are the same found in the Gospels. Scouting is an effective way to help Catholic youth to do their duty to God and to their country. Scouting builds character and teaches devotion to God in an environment that provides wholesome fun under the guidance of strong adult role models. The Scouting program provides a wonderful channel to involve youth in the life of Catholic parishes.

Young people experience Scouting as a growth into personal maturity and social responsibility. They learn to assume their role in life with a high degree of commitment and to care for others who are less fortunate. They develop a strong desire to build a culture of goodwill, respect for the environment, acceptance of duties, including the most fundamental of all duties — love of God and obedience to His will.

  • For more information on Catholic Scouting programs for members of Boy Scouts of America, please contact Ann Resch.
  • To order the Catholic Scouting patch for the Diocese of San Jose (seen above), please click here.
  • For more information on Catholic Scouting programs for members of American Heritage Girls, please contact Claudia Schussman
  • For more information on Catholic Scouting programs for members of Girl Scouts and any other youth serving organizations please contact Moira Delumpa
  • For general inquiries about Catholic Scouting, please email

To order the Catholic Scouting patch for the Diocese of San Jose (seen above), please click here.

Scouting Events


The Retreat-O-Ree is an overnight retreat for Scouts BSA, Venturers, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls and all other Catholic Youth Groups.  Open to youth 6th grade and above.  This retreat is sponsored by the Diocese of San Jose and the Catholic Committee on Scouting.  The retreat is held at the stunning BSA Camp Chesebrough in Los Gatos.

  • 2024 TBD

If you know youth who should be recognized, please contact Ann Resch for Boys Programs Moira Delumpa for Girls Programs.
All Catholic Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, Brownies, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls, and Little Flowers youth who have completed a religious program will be recognized and receive their medals at the annual prayer service and recognition ceremony.  Note:  This is NOT a Mass.  Expected attire is scout uniform.

Sunday, March 10, 2024 at 3:00 pm
Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

Catholic youth achieving the highest award for their respective organization are also recognized at the recognition ceremony:

Boy Scout – Eagle Scout AwardVenture – Summit AwardGirl Scout – Gold AwardAmerican Heritage Girls – Stars & Stripes Award

Please complete the Request for Recognition form by February 1, 2024.

Are any of your scouts interested in being a part of the Recognition Ceremony choir? Please contact Ann Resch.  All are invited to participate.

Do you know adults who deserve recognition for outstanding service to the development of spiritual growth in youth?  You may wish to nominate that person for an adult award.  Nominations are due by February 15. Selection of awardees is made by the nominating committee of the Catholic Committee on Scouting. To nominate an adult, please use the pulldown for Adult and Group Recognition.

Come meet the Committee on Catholic Scouting and learn how to implement Religious Emblems for Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, American Heritage Girls, and other youth serving organizations.

    • There is currently no training scheduled for this year.
Religious Activity Programs

All youth and adults—Scouts or non-Scouts, Catholic or non-Catholic, male or female—are welcome to participate in the Religious Activity Programs.

The following patch requirements, administered by the National Committee for Girl Scouts and Campfire (NCCGSF) may be found and ordered at the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM).


Women in Scripture
The Women in Scripture series focus on individuals who lived lives of courage and faithfulness. These women often fanned the flame of faith in their families and communities and were the backbone of the church and faith since the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Learn more about these strong faith-filled women.

Models of Faith
Throughout the long tradition of the Catholic Church, women and men have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to stand up for the faith in the midst of great trials and at deep personal  risk. Learn more about these great Models of Faith.

CCoSThe following Patch requirements and ordering may be found at the National Catholic Committee on Scouting.

The Rosary Series
The Rosary Series will focus on a different set of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and an activity describing how to pray the rosary. This is an opportunity for the youth and adults alike to learn more about their faith.  There are 5 activities in all. They are the Joyful Mysteries, Luminous  Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, Glorious Mysteries and Pray the  Rosary. A beautiful 5″ diameter patch is available with each  activity.

American Saint Series
The Footsteps of American Saints program is a series of religious activities that encourages youth to learn about several individuals who have shaped the landscape of Catholicism in America. Through a knowledge of the lives of these Saints and Blesseds it is hoped that participants will be inspired to imitate their heroic virtues and follow in their footsteps.  A patch with the saint’s likeness is available for each activity.

Marian Series
The Marian series examines the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, five Marian feasts commemorated in the U.S. and the only approved Marian apparition site in the United States. The goal is to learn more about how and why the Church has honored our Holy Mother Mary for nearly 2,000 years.

International Series
The International Series consists of three activity programs.  The Laudato Si patch helps Scouts learn how to care for our common home and understand  that how we treat our home reflects how we care for each other.  The Venerable Jacques Sevin patch teaches Scouts about the “father of Catholic Scouting.”  The medallion activity links the Catholic Church and the Scouting Movement all over the world.  This recognition activity is an ongoing special project of the International Committee of the NCCS.  The International Series helps Scouts understand their connection to the Universal Church and fellow Catholic Scouts in the global community, as well as understand their shared responsibility to care for the Earth.

Our Lady of Guadalupe 

This special patch  invites youth in grades K-12 to learn more about the appearance and miracles of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico almost 500 years ago. Youth will also learn about Our Lady’s powerful meaning to people of Mexican heritage and about her love and compassion for the whole world.

Our Lady of Fatima 

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, the NCCGSCF presents this patch to help youth learn more about this amazing event!

Modern Saint Series

The Modern Saint series honors 20th and 21st century Catholic men and women who have had a profound impact on many people around the globe. Activity requirements share the lives of these great saints as relatable and as role models.

Faith Series

This series provides a group of activities to help youth and adults to learn more about the universal faith-based practices and traditions used in living the Catholic faith.

Heritage Series

The Heritage Series is a collection of ever-popular saints from all of the other series.  The activities honor holy men and women to which many American Catholics share a special devotion.

Eucharistic Revival Activity Program

The Eucharistic Revival is a 3-year initiative sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which was launched in 2022 and continues through Pentecost in 2025.  The goal of this program is to help all Catholics revive their faith and love of Jesus through prayer and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist

Catholic Emblems for Youth

Religious programs are available to Catholic youth. Age appropriate activities are done from workbooks, with the guidance of a religious program counselor.  The activities help young people grow in their faith, and allow them to explore their role in their family life, parish community and local communities.  A scout may participate in one or more religious program during their scouting career.

All young people who are interested in participating in a religious program can follow the guidelines below.

  1. Decide which program is appropriate.  See the descriptions of the programs below.
  2. Purchase the workbook for the program.  Each participant will require his/her own workbook. Workbooks may NOT be copied.
  3. Contact the CCS member listed below for further assistance in the programs.  Some programs require that the participant work with a registered religious program counselor. Parents and Leaders may apply as counselor.
  4. Complete all requirements in the workbook by the deadline to qualify for the recognition ceremony. Emblems for Scouts BSA may also require completing a board of review.
  5. Completion Time will vary depending on  age and calendar scheduling.  Young scout programs can be completed in 5-10 hours.  Older Scout programs may take several months to complete all requirements.  All activity books must be completed by the date set by the Catholic Committee on Scouting each year.
  6. Complete the application form in the workbook, which requires the signatures of the participant, a parent, and the pastor.  Send the completed application form, and the required fees for the medals, to the contact person listed below.  The contact person will know the current cost of the medals.
  7. There is a diocesan fee for each applicant.  This fee covers all Religious Medals, Religious Program Patches, certificate, and ceremony.  Contact the CCS member listed below for current fee. Program booklets fees are the responsibility of each applicant.

Who to contact regarding Scouting in the Diocese of San Jose

  • For more information on Catholic Scouting programs for members of Boy Scouts of America, please contact Ann Resch.
  • For more information on Catholic Scouting programs for members of American Heritage Girls, please contact Claudia Schussman
  • For more information on Catholic Scouting programs for members of Girl Scouts and any other youth serving organizations please contact Moira Delumpa
  • For general inquiries about Catholic Scouting, please email


GOD IS LOVE (Lion Cubs) Students discover an appreciation that God created, cares for, and loves us all.  (NOTE:  GOD IS LOVE Activity Books must be purchased at the NFCYM Online Store.)

(Tiger Cubs & Wolf Cub Scouts)

This program helps younger boys and girls develop a personal relationship with Jesus. He comes to see Jesus as a person and his friend.

(Bear Cub Scouts & Webelos Scouts)

Young boys and girls explore a wide range of activities in which they discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their families and parishes. Parvuli Dei is latin for Children of God.

(Scouts BSA 7th grade and older; young men and women in Venturing program)

This program studies the Sacraments.  Scouts grow to recognize that sacramental encounters with Christ help them to develop a fuller Christian way of life. Ad Altare Dei is latin for to the altar of God.

(High School age Scouts BSA; young men and women in Venturing program)

Participants examine Christian daily life and are challenged to explore church ministries and vocations.  Young adults are encouraged to share their faith with peers through discussion and reflection. During World War II, 1939—45, and for nearly twenty years after, Pope Pius XII was almost universally regarded as a saintly man, a scholar, a man of peace, a tower of strength, and a compassionate defender and protector of all victims of the war and genocide that had drowned Europe in blood for six years. At the end of the war Western nations paid tribute to his steadfast efforts on behalf of the oppressed. Jews heaped praise on him for his help in their darkest hour and, at his death thirteen years later, they were among the first to express sorrow and gratitude for his solicitude for Jews during the Holocaust.

Activity Books for the above may be purchased at your local BSA store or online at NCCS.


GOD IS LOVE (Kinder & 1st grades) 
Students discover an appreciation that God created, cares for, and loves us all.

FAMILY OF GOD  (2nd & 3rd grades) 
Children explore a wide range of family and parish activities in order to discover the presence of God in their daily lives.

I LIVE MY FAITH  (Grade 4-6)
This program focuses activities around the participant’s developing awareness of her/his growth as a person, friend, family member, citizen and believer of faith.

MARIAN MEDAL  (Grade 7-10)
Program participants gain an understanding of Mary as the model of openness and spirituality.  The program helps young people develop a Christian spirit of hope and faith through projects, discussion and liturgical celebrations.

SPIRIT ALIVE  (Grade 9-12)
This program assists participants in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, calling them to greater participating in Church ministry.

MISSIO  (Grade 11-12)
This program invites young people to explore discipleship and their own religious identity.

Activity Books for the above may be purchased at the NFCYM.



Deus et familia Mea (God and My Family) Tenderheart Level

The God and My Family book guides Catholic Tenderhearts through an awareness of who they are as children of God in the family of the Catholic Church. Girls will learn about the Holy Mass, sacraments, traditions and history of the Catholic Church with fun hands-on activities. Tenderhearts are encouraged to explore and perform works of charity for their families and neighbors.

Deus et Patria Mea (God and My Country) Explorer Level

The God and My Country book allows Catholic Explorers to learn more about the various saints representing the United States of America. Explorers enrich their faith by exploring Catholic elements that are most important to those saints, including the Eucharist, Corporal Works of Mercy, and missionary work. The program is thought-provoking, hands-on, and will foster a desire in Explorers to serve Jesus Christ through His Holy Church.

Deus et Civitas Mea (God and My Community) Pioneer Level

The God and My Country book guides Catholic Pioneers to examine service in their community through the Sacred Scripture and Church Tradition. Girls learn the importance of preparing to serve through prayer and learning about people who exemplified service in their lives. Pioneers put what they have learned into practice by serving others and by reflecting on the impact of their service.

Femina Integritatis (Women of Integrity) Patriot Level

The Woman of Integrity book encourages Catholic Patriots to internalize and immerse themselves in what it means to be a Catholic Woman of Integrity through prayer and discussion with opportunities for outings and engaging speakers. Through study and the Holy Scripture of the Mass, Our Blessed Mother, the lives of the saints, and the sacraments, Patriot’s discern God’s call for their lives after high school.

Activity Books for the above may be purchased at American Heritage Girls online store

Adult and Group Recognition

Adult and Group Recognition Forms must be submitted to Ann Resch by February 1, 2024

The Bronze Pelican Award
The Catholic Committee on Scouting for the Diocese of San Jose provides the Bronze Pelican Award to men and women as recognition for contributing directly to the spiritual nourishment of Catholic boys and girls in the Scouting movement.  The Pelican has been used as a liturgical symbol since the early days of Christianity.  It denotes the tender care of the young by the parent and by the Church.  As such, it is an appropriate symbol for those who give of themselves to the spiritual development of boys and girls in the formation as Christian leaders. | Nomination Form

The St. George Emblem
The St. George Emblem is awarded to members of the laity and clergy, Scouters and non-Scouters alike, who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic  youths through Scouting. | Nomination Form

The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Award
The St. Elizabeth Ann  Seton recognition  was inaugurated in  1980 to recognize  the meritorious  contributions of adults  who serve Catholic  youth through Girl  Scouts and Camp Fire.  This medal affirms  the work of those who  help youth develop  their spiritual lives  within the context of  these organizations. It is ordinarily received  before the St. Anne Medal is earned, but is not a  requirement for receiving the St. Anne Medal. | Nomination Form

The Saint Anne Medal
The St. Anne Medal is  the highest national  recognition for adults  who serve Catholic  youth through Girl  Scouts and Camp  Fire. The recognition  was inaugurated in  1957. The purposes  of the St. Anne  recognition are to  honor the outstanding  services of adults who contribute to the spiritual  development of Catholic young people in these  organizations and to further Catholic adult  leadership in youth ministry through these  national youth-serving organizations. | Nomination Form

The National Catholic Unit Excellence Award
Cooperation, development, and program are the key words in the recognition of BSA Catholic chartered units in earning the National Catholic Unit Excellence Award – Pope Paul VI. The adult leadership responds to training not only in Scouting lores, but training in Catholic Scouter Development, and religious counseling. The Scouts in each Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew/Ship respond by participating in the religious emblems program respective of their status in Scouting. | Nomination Form

The Catholic Committee on Scouting, Diocese of San Jose

Who we are
We support and promote Catholic youth ministry in Scouting and Youth Organizations such as, but not limited to BSA, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls.  We primarily serve Troops and Dens within the Santa Clara County. Our group organizes the annual Catholic awards recognition ceremony, and co-sponsors the annual Retreat-O-Ree.  We also provide training and fellowship for leaders, counselors and youth ministers.

The committee meets at St. Joseph’s in Cupertino, Stevens Creek and De Anza Blvd.
4th Monday of January, March, May, August, and October

Rev. Paul Soukup, SJ
Committee Chaplain

Ann Resch
Committee Chairman

Catherine Murphy
BSA Religious Emblems Advisor, Cub Scouts

Patricia Cuadros
BSA Religious Emblems Advisor, Boy Scout/Venturing

Moira Delumpa
Girl Scouts Religious Emblems Advisor
Marketing & Communications

Thien Nguyen
SVMBC Religious Advisor, Coyote Creek District
DSJ Scouting Patch Coordinator

Joan Schenck
SVMBC Religious Advisor, Pioneer District

Bob Wedig
SVMBC Religious Advisor, Polaris District
Retreat-O-Ree Coordinator

Claudia Schussman
American Heritage Girl Religious Emblems Advisor

Members at Large

Bert Ganoung

Bill Jennings

Diana Cu

David Donnelly

Floyd Okada

Angela Michael

Frank Diaz

Greg Schussman

James Mayled

If you have any interest in serving on the Catholic Committee on Scouting, we would love to have you!  Please contact for more information.

DSJ Catholic Scouting Patch

The Catholic Committee on Scouting has a patch available for Catholic scouts and leaders in the Diocese of San Jose. The purpose of this patch is to promote religious program participation. The 3” round patch features the diocesan crest centered on a Jerusalem cross. The logos of the Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts are placed on the outer ring.


No special requirements are needed to purchase this patch. Patch segments that can be sewn around the main patch are also available. The segments represent the religious award that the scout has completed.

To order the patch, please print and complete order form and send a check for $3.00 per patch payable to Diocese of San Jose – CCS to: Thien Nguyen, CCS Patch, 2051 Piedmont Rd, San Jose, CA 95132. Contact Thien Nguyen for more information.

Contact the Office of Youth & Young Adults

Kevin Bernaga

Associate Director of Youth Ministry

Diana Cuevas Ramos

Evangelization Coordinator