The Diocesan Council of Filipino Catholics – Diocese of San Jose, CA

In 1982, Bishop Pierre DuMaine, aware of the large population of Filipino Catholics in the diocese, had the vision of uniting the different Filipino groups. With that in mind, Bishop DuMaine established the Office of Filipino Ministry with Fr. Ben Manding as the Director.

First Filipino Ministry Meeting

Fr. Manding spearheaded an organizational meeting on September 18 of the same year, at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and was attended by following: Rosie Alemania, Remy Apolinar, Baby Araneta, Rudy Baladad, Poi Buenaventura, Lily Alemania, Celia Caampued, Lou Camero, Connie Cano, Mr. & Mrs. George Cavinta, Don & Nini Coquilla, Mr. & Mrs. Santos Dayao, Sally Saint Germain, Rudy Ong, Cory Ong, Sam & Aster Pasion, Gertrude Nagal, Jun Samaniego, Nicolas Sucgang, Pierre Tierra, Laling Vidal, and Vita Villena.


First Fiesta of Santo Nino

The first Fiesta of the Santo Nino was held on January 15, 1983 at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, presided by Bishop Pierre DuMaine. Laling Vidal was headed the Executive Committee at that time.


First Election of Officers

On July 8, 1983, the first election of officers was held. Don Coquilla became the first president. In the same year, the Council found a home at Saint Martin’s Parish in Sunnyvale, where monthly meetings and annual Santo Nino Fiestas were held until the Saint Joseph Cathedral/Basilica was completely renovated.


500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines

In 2021, the Philippines marks half a millennium of Christianity. The Diocesan Council of Filipino Catholics in San José in celebrated and gave thanks for the 500th Anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines with a Mass of Thanksgiving on April 24 at 10 am at Our Lady of Peace Shrine in Santa Clara. Bishop Cantú was the presider. View the photos of the mass celebration here.