On this Cesar Chavez Day, join me in recognizing the tremendous labor that farmworkers, especially those across California, have carried out during this pandemic, risking their lives to keep food in our pantries and on our tables.  They have been on the front line, picking crops – despite the dangerous wildfires, the choking smoke, and the deadly virus.

Sadly, many farmworkers have been infected with COVID-19 because of the crowded conditions in which they live, the lack of safety supplies at work, and their shared transportation to and from work.

As we appreciate the important labor  of farm workers, may we also advocate for their fair treatment as employees: that they have the safety equipment needed to remain safe and healthy; that they have access to the vaccines; that they be paid a fair wage; and that labor laws be respected in their regard.

This is what Cesar Chavez would do today.  Let us not only celebrate his legacy, but continue it!

Most Reverend Oscar Cantú
Bishop of San José