The Matrimonial Tribunal of the Diocese of San Jose in California is happy to communicate that the Most Rev. Oscar Cantù, Bishop of San Jose in California has approved the proposal of the new Judicial Vicar, Very Rev. Noel O. Sanvicente, JCD to eliminate the processing fee when filing a Petition for Annulment.

Pope Francis earlier has expressed his desire to minister to wounded couples by eliminating all the fees for the annulment process.  In his address to the Roman Rota on January 21, 2015 he said: “How I wish all marriage proceedings were free of charge.”

 In observance of the Jubilee Year of Saint Joseph and at the same time in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Diocese of San Jose, Bishop Cantù has decreed the elimination of the fee which formerly was charged from a Petitioner when applying for the Process of Annulment beginning July 31, 2021 Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

This decision is in accordance with Canon 1649, § 1, 3o which provides that the bishop who is responsible for governing the tribunal is to establish norms concerning the granting of free legal aid and the reduction of expenses.

Petitioners whose cases have been officially accepted and who already made payments need not pay anything further rather than the payments already made.

However, the Matrimonial Tribunal will accept donations from Petitioners and anybody who would like to support its ministry to the members of Christ’s faithful who are seeking new life through the Process of Annulment.