To begin to prepare ourselves for the Universal Synod and our Diocese for our 50th Jubilee , Bishop Oscar Cantú invite us all – laity, religious, and clergy – to participate in a Year of Prayer to convoke the Holy Spirit in our discernment process. The Holy Spirit inspires, strengthens, and guides the Church, and we need to listen prayerfully to the Spirit’s promptings so that our Diocese might embark on a journey of faith that is “ever ancient, ever new.” Pope Francis reminds us that God is God of surprises. It is in the spirit of prayer that we can prepare our hearts and our “spiritual ears” to hear his voice and to respond with courage, wonder, faith, and zeal.

Monthly Prayer Themes and Intentions

 December Themes

Listening to the Holy Spirit

That as we end a year of grace, and embark upon a new Advent,
we may open our lives to Emmanuel, God who is always with us,
the Lord whose coming was foretold by the prophets,
and so, open our lives and hearts to the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

That the Spirit may find our hearts welcoming the promised gifts
of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety,
and fear of the Lord,
and that we who open our lives to the Incarnate Word
may, by that same Spirit, be signs of the Spirit’s joy
to all whom we encounter.

The Gift of Peace and Joy

In Advent, may our heralding of the Prince of Peace,
echoing the words of John the Baptist,
open our hearts and our lives to receive with joy
the coming Lord who is Light, Hope and Peace for all peoples.

That as we receive in the Eucharist the Bread of Life,
who is our hope and our joy,
we may know the peace that He alone brings
and, becoming what we receive, share His joy with all people.



February Themes


Married Couples as well as those divorced, separated, and widowed
For all who are divorced, separated, and widowed that remaining in God’s healing and consolation they may place their trust in the Lord. For all married couples that as they celebrate their sacramental life, they may constantly experience the love of God, the support of family and friends, and the blessing of children.
Racial Justice and Peace
For the gift of Christ light for every people to see that we are made in the image and likeness of God so that we may eliminate all forms of racial injustice in the world. For knowledge to understand, appreciate and defend the dignity of all our brothers and sisters of colors.

 March Themes


Pope Francis, Universal Synod listening sessions

For the universal Church embarking in a Synod of Synodality that the Holy Spirit of God guides us in a culture of encounter and opens our hearts to be a listening people.

For much greater involvement of every Catholics in the life of the Church that we may live to be the modern disciples of Jesus bearing the Gospel of life, mercy and love.

Those most forgotten

For the poor, the homeless and the marginalized in society that they may never be forgotten but be a constant reminder for us to live in our responsibility to care for the least.

For the incarcerated and their families and victims that they may find forgiveness, healing and trust in the mighty power of God in the journey of life.

 April Themes

Meditation on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

For a greater understanding of the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord, the great Paschal Mystery of Christ in the life of faith.

For a deeper sense of perseverance in each of us as we courageously proclaim to the world the love of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  ​​​​​​

Personal and Ecclesial (communal) Encounter with Jesus Christ (welcoming the newly initiated)

For every believer and community of faith that a strong personal encounter with the risen Lord may be experienced and lived  as they witness the goodness of God.

For those who have been newly baptized into the faith that they may grow in wisdom and knowledge, bear the fruits of Spirit and lived as authentic witnesses of the peace and love of Jesus.

 May Themes

Intercession of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph for our Diocese

For the people of our diocese that we may ever grow in admiration and devotion to Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother of God that through her maternal guidance and love we may always be protected from every danger.

For our local Church of San Jose in the valley of Saint Clare that through the intercession and great example of Saint Joseph, our beloved patron and of the Universal Church we may always live in righteousness and trusting always to the will of God.


Vocations to Priesthood and Religious Life

For every young man and woman of our time that they may come to know the love of Jesus early in their lives through the witness of their parents, family, and friends.

For a greater sense of awareness from men and women of their vocation as they respond to the call of the Good Shepherd in offering their lives for the people of God.

 June Themes

Openness to the Holy Spirit

For a deeper sense of knowledge and understanding of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit in life of every disciple so that the Advocate, the Paraclete may lead us to all truth.

For all of us that our hearts may be filled with the light of the Holy Spirit freeing our thoughts from sin and perfectly loving and praising the source of life and love.


Appreciation of and Devotion to the Eucharist

For all of us who partake into the Table of the Eucharist that we may appreciate the saving presence and power of Christ each time we come to celebrate and receive him through his most Precious Body and Blood.

For a rich and greater devotion to the Eucharist that as we celebrate the memorial of Christ passion, death and resurrection we may come to be his living witnesses to the world; Blessed, Broken and Shared.

 July Themes

Young Adults and Parents

​​​​For young people,
that they will know the importance of their voices,
|their experiences and the ways that the Lord
speaks to and through them.

That young parents, open to the gift of life,
may not despair in face of the difficulties that face them,
but discern in their lives the abiding presence of God
in and through them

Grandparents and Elderly

For an appreciation of the lived experience of our elders,
turning to them for wisdom as we walk together the path
of listening and hearing one another.

That our grandparents, aware of our love for them,
may rejoice in the gift of their sons and daughters
and granddaughters and grandsons,
who turn to them for encouragement to pursue the highest good.

 August Themes

Children and Youth in Religious Programs

For the young entrusted to our care,
that we may hand on to them the gift of faith
and learn from them their sense of openness
to the goodness of God Who is always present in their lives.

That the noble task of catechesis – formal and informal –
may lead our youth to a closeness to the Lord Jesus
who knows them by name and calls to each to follow Him.​​​​​

For our clergy (1st 2 weeks)

For our deacons, our priests and our bishops,
to be renewed daily in the loving embrace of God
who called some of them so them long ago, that, in spite,
of today’s challenges, they may each day commit in love
to follow wherever the Lord leads them.

That our diocesan and religious clergy
may know the gratitude of the People of God
for the authentic witness they give to the love of God
and God’s abiding presence in their lives and in the life of the Church.




 September Themes

Refugees, Migrants

For refugees and migrants,
that the tragedy of being uprooted from their homes and lands
may be met with encouragement and welcome
from the Christian community,
realizing that whatever we do on their behalf we do for the Lord.

That our hearts may never be hardened
to those who come to us in their need.
That all newcomers – immigrants, migrants, refugees –
may find in us lasting hospitality to bind up the wounds
of all who suffer.

Care for Creation

That all people who share life on the earth,
as faithful stewards of its natural resources,
may realize that we are but caretakers of our common home,
God’s gift to us, until we hand it on to the next generation.

For a renewed appreciation of the necessity to renew, reuse
and recycle as a way to preserve the goodness and glory of our planet
so that future generations may inherit a hospitable home
and a thriving environment.

 October Themes

The Gift of Discernment

For the ability to learn in each of our lives where the Holy Spirit leads us
and the courage to follow, especially in challenging times.

That we may see in the signs of the times
the ways that God is calling us to be missionary disciples,
and sharing the joys and hopes of our brothers and sisters
we may serve them in the love of the Lord.

Praying the Rosary

For the ability to open our lives to the Lord
in the same way that the Blessed Virgin Mary did,
even though we, like her, do not know what it is
that the Lord is calling us to be and do.

That Mary’s fiat may be in our hearts and on our lips,
and that as she received the Word of God in joy,
so may we also welcome Him, receive Him and bear Him to our world.





 November Themes

Communion with and Intercession of All the Saints

That our brothers and sisters, the saints of all generations
may by their intercession inspire us who hear God’s word
to welcome the Word into our lives and,
with the great cloud of witnesses,
be bearers of the living Word into the lives of our sisters and brothers.

That, standing around the Table of the Lord in our parish churches,
we may know our connection with the Communion of Saints
who now stand before the Heavenly Table,
and so rejoice in their closeness to us.

For the Deceased

For our beloved dead and all who have gone before us in faith,
that, taken up into the love of the Risen Lord,
they may now share the eternal embrace of light, joy and peace.

That, alive in the eternal rest granted by the Lord,
all who have died may join the great cloud of witnesses
giving us who remain the faith and hope
that are borne by our belief in the Christ,
the firstborn from the dead.