While the permission slips that went out to the parents read, “Field Trip to the California Academy of Sciences,” the 3rd graders at Queen of Apostles Schools would have argued that this was a lot more… a true expedition to exotic lands!

The students’ reports were filled with anecdotes of amazing experiences and astute observations, all signs of a fun and educational day of adventure. They touched animals in the tidal pool, and one student said, “I liked the twilight zone because there were a lot of cool fishes.”

The kids bonded with the animals, and one student was lucky enough to have a Blue Morpho butterfly land on them in the rainforest. Most were excited about visiting an albino alligator named Claude, and one even made a friend: “I felt we had a special connection because he just started staring at me.”

Beyond the animals, the students also participated in some of the simulated experiences offered. Many of them enjoyed getting shaken by an earthquake simulator, and others found it memorable getting their arms squeezed by an anaconda simulator.

At the end, there was a consensus among the third-grade class that they enjoyed the visit and would like to go again. One student summarized it best.  “I wish I could go one million times! It was my favorite field trip ever,” he said. “I loved it so much.”