Twenty Saint Victor students participate in the podcast elective each semester. Led by Ian Hinkle, it’s a standout elective, unique in our diocesan schools. For the elective, students partner with one another to write interview questions and a script on a specific topic. Then, they put their skills into action to interview each other while incorporating music introductions and sound effects during the podcast recording. Typically, it’s a group of three students who have the dialogue throughout the podcast.  A fourth student manages the technical aspect of the podcasting gear. It’s a complex, fun, and a wonderful learning experience for all participants. They deal with the discussion and the gear which includes microphones, headphones, a mixer, speakers, and sound effects. At the end of the session, the recorded podcast is uploaded to Saint Victor’s internal podcast website. The students are filled with laughter and smiles as they listen to themselves on the recorded podcast. Julia Agbuya, a podcast student, says, “we share ideas, opinions, and I get to listen to all the interesting answers my classmates have.” A special thanks to Matt Schuman, who donated the podcasting equipment in memory of Eddie Flandez, a long-time cameraman for shows such as Survivor and uncle of 7th Grade student Jezelle Cruz.