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The State of California removed the capacity limits for all business and masking requirements for fully vaccinated people in many settings, effective June 15, 2021. Although most of the State’s legal mandates are being lifted, we must continue to adhere to recommendations from the CDC, State, and local health officials for the safety of all.

The Diocese of San José is issuing the following modifications to our current COVID safety protocols effective June 18, 2021:

  • Registration is no longer required for Mass; however, some parishes may choose to continue to do so.
  • The social distance between households during worship and non-worship gatherings will be reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet at the Pastor’s discretion.
  • For outdoor worship and non-worship gatherings, the assembly is no longer required to wear masks, as long as social distancing between households is maintained.
  • Non-vaccinated assembly members are asked to continue to wear masks at indoor worship and gatherings, per CDC and State protocols.
  • Fully vaccinated assembly members are encouraged but not required to wear masks at indoor worship and gatherings ,as long as social distancing between households is maintained.
  • Proof of vaccination will not be required for attendance at our parishes’ liturgies or gatherings.
  • Liturgical ministers, including clergy, are required to wear masks while carrying out their ministry less than 6 feet from others (i.e., Communion ministers and clergy distributing the Eucharist, ushers greeting people and taking the collection, altar servers, etc.)
  • Music ministers do not need to wear masks while singing if 6 feet from others.
  • Assembly may sing with or without masks while maintaining social distance.
  • Hymnals and missalettes may, once again, be used, although single-use worship aids are still safer. It is still recommended that multi-use items be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The collection baskets should be handled only by the ushers rather than passed from person to person.
  • Meetings, events, and receptions at parishes will resume, following masking, social distancing, and cleaning

 COVID Safety Protocols still in place:

  • Livestreaming Masses for the benefit of those who cannot attend in person is encouraged.
  • Outdoor Masses are encouraged.
  • Doors and windows are to stay open to ensure maximum ventilation during indoor Masses and gatherings.
  • Hand sanitizers are to be readily available at entrances and before Communion for all.
  • Holy water fonts will remain empty.
  • Sign of Peace to be exchanged without physical touch, except between family members, with a reverent bow or wave to those near them.
  • Distribution of Communion under the species of bread only.
  • For now, masks, social distancing, healthy hygiene practices, and employee and volunteer training are required for church and school employees and volunteers, even during worship services, as outlined by the CDC, State of California and Cal OSHA.

 Exception for Children & Youth Activities
School and parish youth events are still subject to the specific public health guidelines for youth activities, including stable cohorts and masking of ALL individuals indoors.

As public health officials remind us, the pandemic is not yet completely over. We must continue to be vigilant and responsible in ensuring maximum health and safety of our parish communities. All the faithful are encouraged to receive the COVID-19 vaccination when available.  Please consult with your doctor regarding any personal health concerns.

The Diocese will continue to evaluate our protocols during the summer, and we are hopeful that we will be able to loosen restrictions further in August.