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As part of the Office of Financial Services, the facilities and safety administrator oversees applications for new construction and for repair, maintenance and seismic work on all jobs that exceed $10,000. This person makes site visits to ensure contractor compliance, gives the initial approval for contract payments, forwards change orders through channels, and sees that the general safety of buildings and grounds are maintained.  This office also manages the Loss Control and Prevention office.

Facilities contact;
Ian Abell, Director Facilities, Insurance and Risk Management
Office (408) 983-0223            Email:  Mobile (408) 813-7573

Lei Wang, Facilities Inspector and Facilities Project Coordinator
Office (408) 983-0240            Email:

Theresa La Voun, Loss Control and Loss Prevention Coordinator
Office (408) 983-0237            Email:

Special Announcement

Oct 10, 2019,  Power outage report for today.

  • Sacred Heart Saratoga School and Parish – No power, will stay open. 
  • St. John Vianney School and Parish – No power, will stay open. 

For more power outage preparedness information and who to contact when your parish or school has power outage.

Refurbishment and Repair Grants 2019

The Refurbishment and Repair Grant for 2019 is closed, please check back after the new year for updates on the Refurbishment and Repair Grant for 2020.

Please contact Ian Abell at or at (408) 983-0223 should you have any questions.

At the request of the Catholic Community Foundation, please do not contact or submit the Refurbishment and Repair grant applications to the Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County.

Facilities Announcements

Safety Advisory;

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall
Two types of Kidde fire extinguishers are being recalled for failure to discharge; one death has been reported.  See the attached Safety Notice Kidde fire extinguisher recall 110717.
Please immediately remove those fire extinguishers from service. Recommend replacing those fire extinguishers with commercial grade all metal construction type extinguishers.
Please inspect your facilities for Kidde fire extinguishers involved in the recall notice.

Quantum ELM and ELM2 Emergency Lighting Fixtures Recall
Inspection and Circuit Board Replacement Instructions
Lithonia Lighting Voluntary Recall Notice

Candle Safety Advisory
Capital Plan
Diocese of San Jose Self Inspection Checklist
Refurbishing and Repair Grant Application and Policy
Regulations of the Building and Maintenance Committee 1/13/2005