Greetings from Father Jon Pedigo, Director of Projects for Peace and Justice

May the God of Journey and Conversion bless you this Lenten Season.

I want to get right to the point: many of our sisters and brothers in the immigrant community are feeling incredibly threatened. One of several catechists from in the diocese remarked, “A parishioner who had a visa went to Mexico and was detained for a week at the border and was told ‘Welcome to the Trump era.’” From Gilroy to Palo Alto, our own parishioners are feeling the pressure of the new executive orders that severely impact their everyday lives. One catechist said, “The families are afraid to leave their homes.”  A catechist talked about a family in westside San Jose where an entire family is depressed because the father, who is undocumented, is laying low until his son is old enough to sponsor him. The catechetical director at that parish lamented that there was nothing that she could say except, “how horrible.”

Many parishes are doing something to help alleviate the fear and prepare families for possible deportation; however, imagine how much more powerful our  impact might be if we were to work on all this together! Bishop McGrath’s seal says, “Together in Christ.”  Together in Christ we can coordinate resources, offer practical support and assist individuals and families impacted by detention, deportation and sudden loss of income.

I will host two meetings for the purpose of developing a Catholic response to this crisis:
Monday, March 6 from 8:30 am and concluding with mass at noon at the Chancery Office. I will invite various service agencies to help us work on a support plan.

The following night, March 7 at 7 pm, I will host a similar meeting with parish leaders from throughout the diocese. This meeting will be co-sponsored and co-led by PACT.  The location is yet to be confirmed. Please check the Office of Social Ministry Facebook Page for details.

May God bless you and keep you safe in this Lenten Season.

Father Jon Pedigo
Director of Projects for Peace and Justice