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Gov. Newsom Prioritizes Abortion Over Mothers and Families

Vetoes doula and perinatal support  Sacramento, Calif. (Sept. 29, 2022) – On Tuesday, during a press conference and with his signature, Governor Newsom invested in a massive $200 million expansion of abortion services in California to ‘ensure all women in our state are paid their due and treated equ

California Bishops Respond to California’s ‘Reproductive Healthcare’

Abortion-Only Website Tantamount to Coercion In response to the State of California’s release of its new “reproductive healthcare” website, California Catholic Conference Executive Director Kathleen Domingo released the following statement: “Yesterday, in a dismissive statement, the state of Califor

California Catholic Conference urges lawmaker to change language in bill

In response to today's Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing of Assembly member Buffy Wicks' AB 2223, the bill that seeks to decriminalize infant deaths from pregnancy-related causes, California Catholic Conference Executive Director Kathleen Domingo issued the following statement: "Today’s hearing o