Andy T. Pham

If you have not read the affirmation overview, please click here to read it first.

Examples of Affirmations

There are usually two broad categories of affirmations, verbal and written. Written allows people to write whatever they are comfortable without the added pressure of the other person present. Verbal is usually a ceremony that can take up to about an hour or even longer. It allows for a more intimate and vulnerable sharing.

Ideas for Written Affirmation

Prayer scrolls

  • Long sheets of paper, scroll like
  • Write a person’s name on each scroll
  • Set up a station with markers and the scrolls
  • For each scroll, tell the participants to write how they see God or a simple prayer for the person
  • *You can also change it to a prayer mat, a prayer book, or a prayer accordion depending on the shape of the paper.

Lunch Bag Prayer Affirmations

  • Lunch bags with the participants names on it.
  • Tape them to a wall or other accessible location
  • Have small pieces of paper on a side station
  • Allow participants to write affirmations on paper and put in lunch bag
Ideas for Verbal Affirmation

Affirmation Candles

  • Have participants gather in a circle
  • In the center of the circle, have a number of candles, less than a third the number of participants
  • Have predetermined people take candles from the center
  • Those with candles go to someone around the circle to affirm him or her
  • Once affirmed, those with candles pass on the candle to the affirmed person and take his or her place in the circle
  • Now the new candle holder goes affirms another person in the circle and the process repeats
  • *hugging is allowed but be careful of open flames

Affirmation Toast

  • Similar to affirmation candles, have participants gather in a circle
  • Every one has a small cup
  • Instead of candles in the center, have water bottles instead
  • Same thing with candles, those with water bottles go affirm those without
  • After an affirmation, pour each other a drink, toast, and drink together
  • Switch off the water bottle and new water bottle holder goes affirms someone else
  • *Extremely similar to Affirmation Candles with little risk of hair catching on fire when hugging

Small Group Affirmation

  • Done in very small, intimate groups with members who know each other very well
  • A person is chosen and each person in the group affirms the chosen
  • After being affirmed, the person may chose a new member to affirm

Remember that affirmations strengthen bonds, not create them. If members and participants do not know each other very well, then there is a greater chance for surface-level affirmations. Surface-level affirmations may lead to lower self-esteem. It may also turn into a number-comparison game, whoever has the most affirmations are the most popular. If that is the case, then try sticking to written affirmations.


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