Youth Ministry Leader Contact Submission

Hello DSJ Parish Youth Ministers,

The Diocese of San Jose, Office of Youth Ministry, is seeking your help in reaching out to our brethrens from the different levels and cultures in our youth community.

If your parish has a youth ministry aside from the Anglo community (ie. Latin, Vietnamese, Korean, etc), and has different levels (ie. Junior HS, HS) we ask of you to please help us find the coordinators for these groups (or at least a contact person and other information to get a hold of them).

This is another way for us to strengthen our bonds not just within our own parishes, but as one Youth Ministry of the Diocese. We all enjoy the spirit of the youth in our community. Let us spread this joy to all corners of our parishes.

We hope to hear from you and we are grateful for any help/contact info you can provide.

You can contact Steve Do at

Thank you.

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