Confirmation Conference

“The Journey”

Saint Francis High School
1885 Miramonte Avenue | Mountain View, CA 94040
Saturday, March 3, 2018

Conference: 10:00am-5:00pm
Keynote: Joe Melendrez
Liturgy celebrated by Bishop Patrick J. McGrath

$30 per teen
$30 per chaperones


“Always remember this: life is a journey. It is a path, a journey to meet Jesus. At the end, and forever. A journey in which we do not encounter Jesus is not a Christian journey. It is for the Christian to continually encounter Jesus, to watch him, to let himself be watched over by Jesus, because Jesus watches us with love; he loves us so much…and he is always watching over us. To encounter Jesus also means allowing oneself to be gazed upon by him.” –Pope Francis

Jesus is with us on the journey. He is found in every person we meet, every trial we endure, and every joy we celebrate. He is there to walk with us, to cry with us, and to love us through and through. It is this journey with Jesus that leads to the fulfillment of our deepest desires. This encounter with Christ unveils our truest identity as beloved sons and daughters of the Father. In this walk with Him, we recognize that God does not love by default; rather, He loves you uniquely, particularly, and singularly. He has called you by name and has chosen you for a purpose beyond telling. The journey to God is therefore the journey to our vocation. The vocation which impels us to safeguard and nourish the great faith we’ve been bestowed. It is the encounter that leaves our hearts burning with the love that cannot be extinguished.


Siempre recuerda esto: la vida es una jornada. Es un camino, una jornada para encontrar a Jesús. Al final y para siempre Una jornada en el que no encontramos a Jesús no es una jornada cristiana. Es para el cristiano encontrarse continuamente con Jesús, observarlo, dejarse ser vigilado por Jesús, porque Jesús nos ve con amor; él nos ama mucho… y él siempre nos cuida. Encontrar a Jesús también significa dejarse ver por él.” – Papa Francisco

Jesús está con nosotros en la jornada. Él se encuentra en cada persona que conocemos, en cada prueba que soportamos y en toda alegría que celebramos. Él está allí para caminar con nosotros, llorar con nosotros y amarnos de principio a fin. Es este viaje con Jesús lo que conduce al cumplimiento de nuestros deseos más profundos. Este encuentro con Cristo revela nuestra verdadera identidad como amados hijos e hijas del Padre. En este caminar con Él, reconocemos que Dios no ama por defecto; más bien, Él te ama de manera única, particular y singular. Él te ha llamado por tu nombre y te ha elegido para un propósito que va más allá de contarlo. La jornada a Dios es, por lo tanto, la jornada a nuestra vocación. La vocación que nos impulsa a salvaguardar y alimentar la gran fe que hemos recibido. Es el encuentro que deja a nuestros corazones ardiendo con el amor que no puede ser extinguido.”

Registering Your Teens & Chaperones (English)

#1. Distribute the Youth Permission Forms to each of your teens, have their parents fill it out, then collect them.

#2. Distribute the Adult Chaperone Waiver Forms to each of your adult chaperones (18+), have them fill it out, then collect them.

#3. Once you collect the forms, open the form entitled “Confirmation Conference Registration Excel Spreadsheet.” Input the names of your teens, their grade level, and lunch option. Do the same for your chaperones.

#4. Send the registration excel registration spreadsheet to “” and you’re set! You will receive a confirmation email from us indicating that you are good to go!

#5. Upon receiving your registration spreadsheet, we will send you an invoice and further information regarding the conference!

Inscribiendo a sus Adolescentes y Chaperones: (Spanish)

#1. Distribuya las Formas de Permiso de Adolecentes a cada uno, que sus padres/tutores los llenen y luego la regresen para que las pueda recoger todas.

#2. Distribuya las Formas de Renuncia Voluntaria para el Chaperón/a Adulto a cada uno de sus chaperones adultos (mayores de 18 años), que se lo llenen y luego recójalas.

#3. Una vez que recopile las formas, abra una forma titulada “Confirmation Conference Registration Excel Spreadsheet“. Inscriba los nombres de sus adolescentes, su grado y la opción de almuerzo. Haga lo mismo con sus chaperones.

#4. Envíe la hoja de cálculo de inscripciones de excel de inscripción a “” ¡y listo! Recibirá un correo electrónico de nuestra parte confirmando su inscripción.

#5. Al recibir su hoja de inscripción, le enviaremos una factura y más información sobre la conferencia.

Confirmation Conference Forms (4 forms Total)

#1. Youth Permission Form– Have each of your teens complete this form, return it to you and bring the hard copies the day of the conference!

#2. Adult Chaperone Waiver Form– Have every adult chaperones (including you) complete this form, return it to you and bring the hard copies the day of the conference! (Note: Every adult chaperone and volunteer, 18 and over, must be in compliance with the Diocesan Safe Environment Policies and Procedures).

#3. Confirmation Conference Registration Spreadsheet– Once you’ve collected the forms, input the names of your teens, their grade level, and their lunch preference in the registration excel spreadsheet; do the same for your chaperones. Afterwards, attach the spreadsheet to an email and send it to us no later than Friday, February 23, 2018! (

#4. Adult Chaperone Verification Form– Complete the form, and send it back to us ( no later than Friday, February 23, 2018.

Formas de la Conferencia de Confirmación (4 en total)

#1. Forma de permiso de Adolecentes – ¡haga que cada uno de sus adolescentes complete esta forma, se lo devuelva y traiga las copias impresas el día de la conferencia!

#2. Forma de Renuncia Voluntaria de Chaperón/a Adulta: haga que todos los chaperones adultos (incluido usted) completen este forma, se lo devuelvan y traiga las copias impresas el día de la conferencia.

#3. Hoja de cálculo de inscripción de la Conferencia de Confirmación: una vez que haya recopilado los formularios, ingrese los nombres de sus adolescentes, su nivel de grado y su preferencia de almuerzo en la hoja de cálculo de Excel de inscripción; haz lo mismo para sus chaperones. Luego, adjunte la hoja de cálculo a un correo electrónico y envíenosla a más tardar el viernes 23 de febrero de 2018. (

#4. Forma de Verificación del Chaperón/a adulto: complete el formulario y envíenoslo ( antes del viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018.


10:00am- Doors Open
10:15am- Praise and Worship
10:45am- Opening Ceremony | Emcees | Energizers
11:00am- Keynote
12:00pm- Lunch with Parish/School Groups (Discussion Questions)
1:15pm- Breakout Session # 1
2:00pm- Travel Time | Restroom
2:15pm-Breakout Session # 2
3:00pm- Travel Time |Restroom
3:15pm- Discussion with Parish/School Groups
4:00pm- Closing Liturgy with Bishop Patrick J. McGrath

Keynote: Joe Melendrez

Joe Melendrez has forged a unique path to becoming one of America’s most exciting Catholic performers. At age fifteen, Joe was featured on MTV and developed a love for performing. Later that year, on a Teen ACTS Retreat, Joe encountered the awesome love of God. It was then that he decided to dedicate his life to sharing the Good News. Joe shares the Gospel in many unique ways, from his development of a faith-based clothing line (God Swagg Apparel), his release of three major Catholic hip-hop albums, to sharing the winnings from a college Chipotle contest (a year of free burritos), as a means to evangelize to different people with each meal!

With a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Dayton, Joe has become a professional retreat leader and religion teacher at a Catholic High School in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to his work in Catholic education, Joe’s electric ministry of music and evangelization has taken him to Europe, Africa, Australia, South America and all across the USA. Joe uses his skills to animate huge crowds of teens, and he continues to share these gifts at major youth rallies, conferences, and national events. Today, Joe Melendrez is a husband and father as well as a natural MC, a dynamic musical performer, an inspiring speaker, and an expert retreat leader.

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