Parish Coordinators/Contacts


Updated: 10/08/2018 – If the point of contact below is incorrect for your parish’s Youth Ministry,

please email at with the correct information. Thank you!

Parish Name Phone Number
Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph Laura Ortiz
Chinese Catholic Community Ben Lu
Christ the King Rick Lejano  925.676.0979
Church of the Ascension Ann Liebmann
Church of the Resurrection
Church of the Transfiguration Paula Ramos 408.264.3600 (5)
Five Wounds Susana Faria

Joseph Russo



Holy Cross Don Stringari  408.270.7017
Holy Family 408.265.4040 (164)
Holy Korean Martyrs Paul Han 408-734-9721
Holy Spirit Row David 408.997.5106
Most Holy Trinity

  1. )  Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society
  2. )  Kasarinlan Dance Company
  3. )  Knights of Columbus Squires
  1. )  Minh Pham/Nga Dinh
  2. )  Grace Penuliar
  3. )  Dave Cadena
  1. )  408.316.9358
  2. )  408.210.2100
  3. )  408.859.3905
Our Lady of Guadalupe Socorro Cruz
Our Lady of La Vang Thuy Nguyen
Our Lady of Peace Sr. Angeles
Our Lady of Refuge Patrick Chacon
Our Lady Star of the Sea Ina Arranga
Queen of Apostles Klarissa Chichioco
Sacred Heart, Saratoga Joey Mannina and Mary Jewell
Sacred Heart of Jesus Andres Arias 408.292.0146
San Jose Chinese Catholic Community Ben Lu
Saint Anthony Ana Fuentes 408.997.4812
Saint Athanasius Sr. Maria Chuc
Saint Brother Albert
Saint Catherine of Alexandria Deepu Kochuparambil 408.874.6742
Saint Christopher
Saint Clare Trini Villegas
Saint Cyprian Colleen Vandevoorde 408.739.1669
Saint Elizabeth Christi Bradford 408.258.6536
Saint Frances Cabrini Kurt Martin
Saint Francis of Assisi Kevin Bernaga 408.223.1770 (308)
Saint John the Baptist Ruben Cardenas
Saint John Vianney Mary Ann Andrade 408.258.7832 (18)
Saint Joseph of Cupertino Primo Martinez 408.833.2575
Saint Joseph of Mountain View Kathi Horn 650.452.3560
Saint Julie Billiart Jose Beck & Antonietta or Megan
Saint Justin Mary Kane
Saint Lawrence the Martyr Eleanor DePaz
Saint Leo the Great Diana Pohle & Sr. Altar 408.293.3503
Saint Lucy Patty Osorio 408-378-2464 (103)
Saint Maria Goretti Annastasia Brown
Saint Martin, Sunnyvale 408.736.3725
Saint Martin of Tours Megan Lott
Saint Mary of the Assumption Croatian Mission
Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Terri Trotter 408.354.3726 (129)
Saint Mary Carlos Barba
Saint Nicholas
Saint Simon Aline Santos  650.967.8311 (31)
Saint Thomas Aquinas Chris Mardesich & Maria de Jesus Gutierrez 408.464.4622
Saint Thomas of Canterbury Sherry Scott
Saint Victor Debbie Santos 408.926.1636
Saint William
Santa Teresa Alfonso Carrillo & Anne Peterson 408.239.9927 & 408.836.1448
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