The mission of youth ministry is to advocate, develop and equip leaders
who serve youth in the Diocese of San Jose.

Those that we serve (in rank order):

  1. Youth Ministry Coordinators (full-time, part-time, volunteer)
  2. Pastors, Clergy, and Directors of Parish Life (parish staff)
  3. Youth Ministry Leadership Teams (volunteer and staff)
  4. Youth (junior high and high school age, 6th through 12th grade)

Ways of serving:

  1. Advocacy (understanding and promoting the importance of youth ministry in parishes)
  2. Structure (providing an avenue and structure to build good youth ministry so that their ministry not only survives, but thrives)
  3. Training (ongoing and continuous training and learning opportunities for parishes to move their youth ministry from good to great)
  4. Support (helping parishes sustain and expand youth ministry through community building, networking, sharing of best practices, and spiritual nourishment)

Activities (ongoing and possible):

  1. Advocacy
    1. YM Newsletter
    2. Attending deanery meetings
    3. Diocesan Youth Retreat
    4. Educating Pastors and DPLs in parishes about the importance and good practices of youth ministry
    5. National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC)
  2. Structure
    1. Helping Pastors and DPLs in hiring youth ministry coordinators
    2. Meeting one on one with Pastors and coordinators (and leadership teams) to create and develop a timeline and action plan
    3. Development and maintenance of Youth Ministry handbook
  3. Training
    1. Training for coordinators (ILM, National Certificate, etc…)
    2. Youth Ministry Training weekend
    3. Coordinator Orientation (training on liability, risk management, etc…)
    4. Peer to Peer Leadership Training
    5. Youth Leader Camp
    6. Faith Formation Conference
    7. National Conference for Catholic Youth Ministry (NCCYM)
    8. Confirmation Catechist Training
    9. Los Angeles Religious Education Congress and Youth Day
  4. Support
    1. Monthly meetings with coordinators
    2. One on Ones with coordinators
    3. Coordinator retreat weekend (day)
    4. Mentoring Program
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